July 7th, 2022

A Guide To The Best Sinks for Any Design Style

A Guide To The Best Sinks for Any Design Style 5

Whether you’re working on a custom design or remodeling for a modern look, there’s a sink that will fit any style you embody. And today’s kitchen and bathroom sink trends might just inspire your own sink design.

From modern to traditional spaces, the sink you select can amplify the style in your home, hotel, kitchen or spa when you plan ahead. Here are a few spaces to help inspire your sink designs.

Minimalist Designs

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If you’re aiming for a stylish space that offers comfort and function, using organic details and earthy materials can help meet your design goals. Neutral tones in the featured bath space give this minimalist design the perfect canvas for detail and texture. The marble vessel sink, paired with metallic and stone faucet hardware, is part of the Elements Collection and delivers a contrast to the natural wood counter.

Eclectic Designs

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A touchless faucet finishes off the eclectic design in this contemporary bath space. The colors and textures used in the bath space above are in perfect balance, and a simple, sleek sink faucet plays well with the rest of the details here.

Touchless technology makes sanitation simpler and hand-washing easier, and Watermark’s line of faucets comes with the option of touchless features for today’s modern spaces.

Transitional Designs

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Remember to keep transitional designs in mind for your projects. Easy-to-navigate areas with ample natural light offer people comfort and a healthier design. The kitchen above offers universal design features that make the space super functional and pleasant to work in.

The light blue cabinetry in this kitchen space gives it the perfect amount of soft, organic detail. And adding a dual faucet design adds practicability to the sink experience while the deep farmhouse sink gives homeowners extra space to work in the kitchen.

In addition, using a clean polished chrome finish gives the faucet designs visual distinction. These beautiful yet functional touches are part of the Loft 2.0 Collection and create a space that homeowners won’t want to leave.

Industrial Designs

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Adding plants to a space gives homeowners a bath experience they’ll adore, and pairing the gunmetal feel of the faucet with softer, organic elements gives this industrial design balance and texture. This unique combination is part of the Brooklyn Collection.

We love the idea of using plants in a bath space. “A bathroom is typically a warm, humid room that provides the perfect backdrop for some houseplants, and water to irrigate the plants is always close at hand,” according to the Spruce.

Chic Designs

A Guide To The Best Sinks for Any Design Style 5


Simple chic designs call for the right details — this distinctive basin sink, paired with the subtle finish of the metal faucet and handle, works exceptionally well in a small, modern space. “Embrace wall-mounted fixtures with slim shapes to achieve a minimalist look in your bathroom,” writes Jessica Bennett for Better Homes and Gardens. However, the simple look doesn't have to be boring, which this bath design from the H-Line Collection perfectly illustrates.

French Country Design

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For high-traffic areas, high-performance workspaces are needed. In the kitchen, that calls for enough room to wash, rinse, fill, clean and soak whatever a French Country design from the Elements Collection might be necessary.

Deep sink basins and petite sink fixtures give this prep area plenty of room to work with, and the gold finishes add a burst of personality to the space. If you’re unsure about the finish, be sure to work with a manufacturer that offers options to complement your design — or play with your ideas for finishes here.

Looking For Customized Design?

A Guide To The Best Sinks for Any Design Style 7


There are sinks that blend into your design perfectly, and others that will boldly stand out. No matter what you need in your sink design, Watermark offers customized solutions and finishes for every space.

There are limitless sink design possibilities out there, and our configurator and menu of products let you achieve your design potential. Our Instagram is also full of great ideas if you’re looking for inspiration like the spaces featured.

No matter what kind of space you’re designing for, the sink you select can add the best kind of personality to your project. Let us help you find your perfect sink design.