March 18th, 2022

15 Unique Vessel Sinks: Design Ideas and Inspiration

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From elongated ovals to streamlined squares and bright white to modern, earthy and natural, there is no end to the unique vessel sink design ideas in today’s bathrooms.

Vessel sinks differ from traditional sinks that are recessed into the countertop. Vessel sinks sit on top of the counter or vanity to create a look that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Since vessel sinks are installed on the countertop, certain considerations must be made when designing a space that will include a vessel sink.

The height of the vanity may need to be lowered and the height of the faucet may need to be raised. Rather than cutting a large hole in the vanity where the sink will be recessed, a vessel sink only requires a single hole through which the plumbing will connect to the drain.

Unique vessel sinks add a touch of individuality and style to a bathroom, to make a functional space into one of truly distinctive beauty. Let’s take a look at 15 designs to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Leverage Natural Brass

Unique Vessel Sinks


The natural brass finish on our signature Brooklyn Collection faucet is carried through this bathroom design in the towel bar and mirror frame and creates a sense of continuity. The subtle finish is the perfect complement to the elongated oval vessel sink that gives you plenty of room.

2. Seeing Double

Seeing Double - Unique Vessel Sinks


No, you’re not experiencing double vision — but you are seeing double in this stunning design that pairs two Haley Collection faucets in oil rubbed bronze with a pair of small vessel sinks. The symmetry is continued with two matching mirrors presiding over the vanity.

3. Old World Charm

Old World Charm


Capture old-world charm with a few well-chosen pieces, like this delicate Paris Collection faucet in an uncoated natural brass paired with a sturdy and elegant marble vessel sink. A rich wood backsplash and marble vanity complete the look that creates cohesiveness and charm.

4. Delicate Details

Delicate Details - Unique Vessel Sinks


Delicate details in this unique vessel sink with a rosy pink backsplash and vanity lend a softness to the design. The circular vessel sink and round handle of the Brooklyn Collection faucet ensure that there are no sharp corners while the vintage brass finish adds a subtle gleam to the space.

5. Take Texture to the Next Level

Take Texture to the Next Level


The amazing use of texture in this design makes it seem like you could reach out and feel it through the picture. The rustic rough-hewn wood vanity and shelf, the unique textured vessel sink and the smooth satin nickel finish of the Brooklyn Collection faucet make this design rich in depth and dimension.

6. Simplicity at Its Finest

Simplicity at Its Finest


Sometimes editing a design to its core features is the most difficult part of the design process. This bathroom design does it beautifully — with a simple white vessel sink and subtle wall tiles, it feels peaceful and private. The Elements Collection faucet with an oil slick cover grounds this bright design.

7. Create an Earthy Experience

Create an Earthy Experience


The rich earthy tones of this bathroom design wrap you in warmth and luxury that feels reminiscent of a walk through the woods. You can almost smell the moss-covered trees and feel the sunlight warming your skin. A matte black Brooklyn Collection faucet blends with the backsplash to flood the unique vessel sink and create a shimmering pool perfect for a wooded retreat.

8. Just Marble-ous

Just Marble-ous


Black marble vessel sinks with white veins running through them create a grounding effect, especially when mirrored on the opposite wall and presided over by Sense Collection fixtures in matte black.

9. Minimalist Style That Exudes Elegance

Minimalist Style That Exudes Elegance


Sometimes elegance is achieved through simplicity, and this design is the perfect example. Soft whites and subtle wood elements, paired with an Elements Collection faucet in pewter with chalk covers, create a calm and serene space.

10. Natural Tones and Textures

Natural Tones and Textures - Unique Vessel Sinks


The natural tones and textures of this design create a grounding effect with the unique wood vessel sink and the vertical lines of the wall reminiscent of tree bark. Our charcoal finish H-Line Collection faucet stands above the vessel sink, ready to add a sense of movement once the water is turned on.

11. Cool, Calm and Collected

Cool, Calm and Collected


The smooth stone of this unique vessel sink calls to mind mountains with babbling brooks and clear pools of water gleaming in the sunlight. H-Line Collection fixtures in charcoal enhance the cool stone look.

12. Sleek Curves

Sleek Curves


The sleek curves of this Zen Collection faucet in vintage brass are the perfect complement to this beautiful vessel sink. Once you enter this bathroom, there’s no doubt you’ll be overcome with serenity and relaxation.

13. Where Do We Start?

Where Do We Start?


The dynamic elements in this design make it hard to decide what to focus on first. The textured wall provides the perfect backdrop for an Urbane Collection faucet in pewter which presides over a beautifully unique vessel sink perched on an equally exciting vanity.

14. Timeless Touches

Timeless Touches


The way that this design blends rustic elements with modern elements, like the Elan Vital Collection fixtures, creates a timeless design that is comfortable in any era.

15. An Asymmetrical Sense of Style

An Asymmetrical Sense of Style


Symmetry is a highly desirable trait, but it can be overrated — and this design proves it. The offset vessel sink, Blue Collection faucet and gold mirror leave plenty of space for products to take up residence on the vanity — creating a space that is playful and relaxing all at once.

Let Watermark Complete Your Design with Unique Vessel Sinks

When you’re integrating a vessel sink into your bathroom design, you need a faucet that will complement the style and add its own unique touch. That’s where Watermark comes in. We design beautiful faucets that find a home with any design style. Contact the experts at Watermark today to discover our wide collection of faucets and finishes.