December 2nd, 2021

Future-Focused: Bathroom and Kitchen Trends for 2022

Future Focused Bathroom and Kitchen Trends for 2022 1


It’s hard to imagine the year coming to a close, but 2021 was a big — and busy — one for the architecture and construction industries. New construction projects and remodeling jobs aren’t expected to slow down in the next year, so designers and architects can look forward to more inspiring ideas when next year rolls around. Here are a few 2022 bathroom and kitchen trends we can’t wait to see.

Color + Contrast

Future Focused Bathroom and Kitchen Trends for 2022 2


Designers can never go wrong with more color in the space they create. “​​Add a fun splash of colour to your bathroom and define the space with bold tiles in shiny hues,” suggest Anna Soward and Rosa Bertoli for Wallpaper.

Smaller spaces like bathrooms get the attention they deserve when you incorporate these kinds of bold color choices or contrasting palettes.

The same goes for your wet bar or apartment kitchen. Using shiny finishes and organic greenery amplifies the experience in a space, especially in areas with minimal square footage.

More Minimalist Experiences

Future Focused Bathroom and Kitchen Trends for 2022 3


Freestanding tubs have come in many styles over the decades, but we can expect to see more of these simple yet stunning details in bathrooms next year. This bath design above features a welcoming, white tub, with a handsome, gold faucet and handle details.

“A synthesis of organic and minimalist forms, these freestanding bathtubs are a sleek addition to a contemporary bathroom,” according to Wallpaper. “Balancing the more colourful and decorative elements with their essential forms, these standout pieces are defined by generous volumes and practical elements.”

Purposeful Design

Future Focused Bathroom and Kitchen Trends for 2022 4


Even before social distancing was a thing, homeowners spent a majority of their time indoors in the last few decades. Architects should keep this behavior in mind when it comes to their designs, and it’s also important to note how this behavior evolves.

“The kitchen space specifically was that strictly utilitarian room. And now it's so much more than that. It's multipurpose, it's dynamic,” according to Richard Anuszkiewicz with Monogram Appliances. Rooms like the kitchen are among the most frequented, and good designers recognize how important a purposeful design is for these spaces.

“[W]hen we think about those spaces, we just have to be realistic to the fact that there's so much more thoughtfulness and design and purposefulness that we have to really put into this room,” he explains.

Details like plants, organic textures, natural lighting and touchless faucets make kitchens more inviting and usable — this kind of design is a long-term solution that will please homeowners.

Bolder, Bigger Details

Future Focused Bathroom and Kitchen Trends for 2022 5


With the right details, designs are guaranteed to stand out.

Featuring details like exposed piping and industrial-themed fixtures can create more interest in your shower space and help to add some vintage-inspired flair to the design. Our attention to craftsmanship helps to give this shower’s finish a high-end, high-quality feel.

Details in a space can also add delight to the design. This playful wheel-style handle from our Brooklyn collection gives bathroom visitors something to talk about. The collection is inspired by gate valves used in apartment blocks in mid-century New York plumbing and offers a special appeal to any space.

Future Focused Bathroom and Kitchen Trends for 2022 6


Touchless Technology

Future Focused Bathroom and Kitchen Trends for 2022 7


It’s safe to assume that more of us are washing our hands these days, and touchless faucets are a great option for residential or commercial designs that require solutions for sanitization.

Adding a touchless faucet into your bath or kitchen design means there’s one less surface to worry about when you’re cleaning, and touchless options are now available for just about any faucet type you can imagine.

Looking for another favorable feature? Our touchless faucets can be programmed to turn off automatically after a set amount of time, conserving water if the tap is left running. Who doesn’t love an eco-friendly yet convenient bathroom factor?

Using Universal Design

Future Focused Bathroom and Kitchen Trends for 2022 8


If you design a space that’s more functional and accessible, you’ll guarantee the longevity of that design. Adding features focused on universal design, like lower countertops, touchless faucets and wider pathways means homeowners can enjoy the space for years.

“Universal design is often mistaken for catering to an aging demographic, in part because of its focus on accessibility,” according to NAHB Now. But universal design just refers to a space being more accessible to more people, no matter what their age is. And accessibility is always on-trend.

Building experts from NAHB have a few other suggestions for designers looking to make their space more functional and convenient. “Smart devices to help control lighting, water efficiency, and indoor air quality and temperature allow owners to focus on the total wellness of their homes — and this can be beneficial for landlords in the multifamily market as well.”

These convenient features in the kitchen space add to the usability of the design, and other details like pot-fillers can make these spaces even more attractive and user-friendly.

Bright Futures Ahead in Home Designs

No matter what 2022 brings, designers can help homeowners get the look they’re after with the right details and products that deliver positive experiences to their space.

At Watermark, we have helped architects and designers around the world find bath and kitchen plumbing fixtures that support their design goals. Whether you need sustainable products that conserve resources or stylish faucet designs with vintage details, we will help your space stand out for years to come.

Explore more design ideas with our configurator — this tool helps designers find a product that works with their design. Get inspired and check out a few more trends from this year that we expect to see more of in 2022.