July 28th, 2022

34 Luxurious Spa Shower Heads to Elevate Any Shower

Switch It Up

Integrating luxurious spa shower heads into a bathroom design can bring the spa experience home and create a space that is both relaxing and invigorating. These 34 luxurious shower heads will give you all the inspiration you need:

1. Just the Right Amount of Privacy

34 Luxurious Spa Shower Heads to Elevate Any Shower


You can shower with the perfect amount of privacy from this angled half wall as water from the Paris Collection shower head in aged brass cascades down.

2. Marvelous Marble

Marvelous Marble


You can have a spa day every day with this delightful setup courtesy of our Beverly Collection fixtures in aged brass. It’s Old Hollywood glamour encased in marble.

3. Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone


This stunning shower and bathtub setup has something for everyone, whether you want to take a relaxing bath, a quick shower or bask in the luxurious beauty of not one, but two, Loft Collection rain shower heads.

4. Add Style with Black

Add Style with Black


These Brut Collection fixtures in matte black add a stylish edge to this earth tone design.

5. Space Saver

Space Saver


In this small shower room, space is at a premium, but this clever design creates a space to bathe and a space to shower. Integrating Elan Vital Collection fixtures in aged brass adds a touch of antique charm to this bright, modern space.

6. Deep Breath-Inducing Design

Deep Breath-Inducing Design


This whole setup just makes you want to stop and take a deep breath. H-Line Collection faucets and rain shower head add a touch of shine to the muted pallet.

7. Geometry Class — But Make It Fun

Geometry Class — But Make It Fun


A geometric tile pattern paired with the geometric fixtures of our Beverly Collection will make you wish you could go back to class.

8. All Things Green and Gold

All Things Green and Gold


This luxurious H-Line Collection shower head adds the right touch of gold to a beautifully green design.

9. Drama, Drama, Drama

Drama, Drama, Drama


There is such a thing as good drama, and we’ve proven it with this dark and serious design that features our aged brass Loft 2.0 Collection shower head and fixtures.

10. It’s in the Delicate Details

It’s in the Delicate Details


Soft and sophisticated, this design brings in delicate details to enhance the feeling of relaxation and is the perfect place for the curvaceous form of our Chelsea Collection fixtures.

11. A Place to Unplug and Unwind

A Place to Unplug and Unwind


This narrow shower is the perfect place for our compact H-Line Collection faucet and fixtures.

12. Stop, We’re Blushing

Stop, We’re Blushing


This blush-hued design allows the luxurious Titanium Collection spa shower head to have its moment in the spotlight.

13. A Touch of Warmth

A Touch of Warmth


The finish on these Blue Collection spa shower heads warms up the marble shower and gives it an extra touch of relaxing appeal.

14. Rustic Meets Modern

Rustic Meets Modern


Rustic meets modern in this design that combines the warmth and comfort of wood with the modern design of our Elements Collection shower head.

15. Soft With a Subtle Edge

Soft With a Subtle Edge


The soft colors and patterns of the shower tile and rug blend perfectly with the edge from the leather drawer pulls and gun metal finish on our Blue Collection spa shower head.

16. One Just Isn’t Enough

One Just Isn’t Enough


With handles this beautiful, you can never have too many. Our Brooklyn Collection fixtures evoke beauty and luxury in any space, and they are sure to impress for years to come.

17. Design with an Edge

Design with an Edge


The black trim on the shower perfectly frames this mini spa getaway with its H-Line Collection shower head in matte black to match the trim.

18. You Can Handle It

You Can Handle It


Our Edge Collection spa shower fixtures feature unique handles that add an unexpected touch to this shower design.

19. Switch It Up

Switch It Up


The two-toned bathroom tile adds an unexpected switch up with a direction as well as color change. Our Sutton Collection spa shower head’s knurling and hex nut style handles keep up with all the change.

20. Enter a New World

Enter a New World


The arched detail of the shower makes it seem like you’re stepping into a new world, one that features Anika Collection spa shower heads, of course.

21. Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain


For the ultimate rain shower head experience, mounting one on the ceiling makes you feel like you’re caught in an actual rain shower — a very luxurious rain shower, thanks to our Titanium Collection.

22. Beauty with a Touch of Safety

Beauty with a Touch of Safety


A Brooklyn Collection spa shower head gets the ultimate accessory — safety. In spaces where safety is a concern, adding a grab bar can ease your mind and give you the support you need.

23. Let the Handles Do the Talking

Let the Handles Do the Talking


This Elements Collection spa shower head features beautiful handle covers that say all that needs to be said.

24. Simple Luxury

Simple Luxury


Sometimes simplicity is the best way to attain luxury. These Titanium Collection fixtures can stand alone with no embellishment and still make a subtle statement.

25. The Blues Aren’t Always a Bad Thing

The Blues Aren’t Always a Bad Thing


The multi-toned blue tile and a Brooklyn Collection spa shower head in satin nickel give us the blues in the best way.

26. Double Jewel Tones

Double Jewel Tones


This two-toned jewel-toned design beautifully separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Dual Brut Collection rain showerheads create the opportunity for efficient and relaxing mornings.

27. Perfection Is Possible

Perfection Is Possible


This fixture from the Elan Vital Collection is finished in natural brass to make this bathroom the picture of perfection.

28. Make the Most of a Small Space

Make the Most of a Small Space


An alcove shower doesn’t have to feel small. This beautiful alcove shower features Loft 2.0 Collection fixtures and shower head to make this small nook feel like a personal oasis.

29. Add Spa Details

Add Spa Details


Nothing says calm relaxation more than bringing greenery into the shower space. Hanging greenery from our Brooklyn Collection fixtures is just the right touch.

30. Enter Stressed. Exit Refreshed.

Enter Stressed. Exit Refreshed.


Is there anything more soothing than a hot shower at the end of the day? We don’t think so, and neither does this Paris Collection spa shower head.

31. Make It Matte

Make It Matte


The Loft 2.0 Collection oil-rubbed bronze spa shower head and handheld shower head are the ultimate tag team, adding a special touch to this shower design.

32. Create a Work of Art with Unique Tile Designs

Create a Work of Art with Unique Tile Designs


The unique tile design in this shower turns this space into a work of art that is completed with the Titanium Collection rain showerhead.

33. A Tight-Knit Fit

A Tight-Knit Fit


This woven tile pattern gives the impression that the Rainey Collection fixtures have been woven right into the wall.

34. Cool, Calm and Collected

Cool, Calm and Collected


This cool and calm design features a Blue Collection spa shower head and there’s no place we’d rather be.

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