July 19th, 2022

Match Your Faucet Style With Your Fashion

Match Your Faucet With Your Fashion 12

No matter what your personal taste is like, there’s a faucet design that will match your sense of style. We took a look at some of today’s celebrities and fashion icons for inspiration, along with faucet styles that might complement their looks.

Faucet Styles With Flair

Match Your Faucets With Your Fashion 1


Singer and actor Harry Styles has been a teen heartthrob since his time in One Direction, but he’s also become an icon in men’s fashion. He brings plenty of shine and sparkle to his performances — we love this gold shirt with a classic bow collar, which adds the perfect touch of personality and nostalgia to his look at a concert in Denver.

Match Your Faucets With Your Fashion 2


Here at Watermark, one of our most recently launched collections is the James collection, a line that has already been featured in boutique hotels and other luxury spaces. Designed in collaboration with architect Barry Goralnick, the James pulls from classic architecture and modern, industrial design. The floret-style handles and gold details in this design add the right amount of flair to any bathroom space that needs a touch of personality.

Unparalleled Elegance

Match Your Faucets With Your Fashion 3


Pop star and fashion icon Billie Eilish unveiled an entirely new look at the Met Gala, opting for a Marilyn Monroe-esque dress and hairstyle. Eilish’s former style was a stark contrast from the soft vintage look she sported at the Gala: her previous lime green-hued hair, bold patterns and trendy sneakers certainly influenced fashion choices for teens. But she wanted to update her look.

"It just was time. It was time for this, and I feel like I've grown so much in the last few years and my confidence," Eilish told E! News.

Match Your Faucets with Your Fashion 4

Watermark Designs

Is it time for an update in your own style? Maybe your bathroom design needs to evolve. Our York collection at Watermark Designs walks the fine line between historic and modern, adding glamour and sophistication to any faucet design. The clean, simple lines of the spout and handles give this luxurious look more balance. The sleekness in York’s texture and finish will give any bathroom design an air of opulence and confident style.

Bold and Balanced

Match Your Faucets With Your Fashion 5


Singer, actor and artist Janelle Monae knows how to make a fashion statement, and we’re especially impressed with the color choices in this mod-inspired ensemble. Contrasting colors, distinctive block patterns and the right accessories pull this look together, which was sure to inspire fans everywhere.

Match Your Faucets With Your Fashion 6


We’re also fans of the bold shapes and clean lines from Watermark’s Edge collection, a look that brings geometric detail and futuristic functionality to your bathroom design. Handle options include cut-out details or gems for a customized design, and rare earth magnets are used in place of screws to fasten the sink components together.

Androgenous Aesthetics

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Pop star Olivia Rodrigo and Vice President Kamala Harris both combine traditionally masculine and feminine aesthetics exceptionally well. Rodrigo’s vintage Chanel plaid jacket and skirt were the perfect choices for her visit to the White House, and she paired the more traditional suit with platform sandals to make the look her own.

Match Your Faucets With Your Fashion 8

Watermark Designs

Watermark’s Brut collection offers a solution for a mix of inspiration and modernity. Using two different polishing processes, Brut offers balance and texture to your faucet design: The top of the spout is sleek and smooth, while the underside is rough-hewn and more tactile. Designers can choose from several different finishes, so anyone can create a look they love. Despite its name, we can envision Brut in Kamala or Olivia’s bathroom thanks to how these women embrace both hard and soft lines, as well as hard hitting topics with elegance and grace.

Subtle, Smooth Style

Match Your Faucets With Your Fashion 9


Much like his voice, John Legend’s personal sense of fashion is sophisticated and strong. His periwinkle blue suit brings elegance and a bright disposition to men’s fashion. We love the clean look of the jacket without the tie, paired with a simple white shirt for contrast.

Match Your Faucets With Your Fashion 10


Simple details, elegant shapes and smooth lines make Loft 2.0 from Watermark Designs the perfect choice for modern spaces and designs. With careful craftsmanship and quality performance, the Loft collection offers a subtle but stylish solution for your faucet design.

Luxurious, Unforgettable Looks

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Lady Gaga has made headlines for her more controversial ensembles and her impact on modern fashion is renowned. Her stunning look for President Biden’s inauguration made her singing performance at the event stand out even more. The texture and lines of her dress exude classic elegance, and a touch of gold brings shine and contrast to her look.

Match Your Faucet With Your Fashion 12


Watermark’s Sense line offers a bold and distinctive look for today’s bath spaces. The collection is a nod to an architectural tradition in Manhattan: The hammered texture was inspired by neo-Georgian facades on some of the borough’s buildings. This look leverages classic elegance with a modern finish, completing any design you have in mind.

Find Your Faucet Style

Even the smallest details offer designers a way to achieve success in their design, and your faucet is a perfect place to start. There are a myriad of ways to elevate your faucet design, and taking notes from today’s fashion icons might offer inspiration on your next project.

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Test out your design ideas with Watermark’s configurator. Explore limitless possibilities and a full menu of finishes and styles to fit your project.