December 18th, 2021

11 Awesome Gunmetal Faucet Finishes for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Gunmetal Bathroom Faucet

Gone are the days of a standard brass faucet hovering over a generic hardware store sink. Today’s designs blend styles, textures, colors, shapes and patterns to create personality in bathroom and kitchen designs, and style meets convenience with Watermark Designs’ bathroom faucets.

One place where personality can really show through is in the choice of faucet finish. Whether you go bold and choose a solid color like white or red, stay traditional with chrome or nickel or make a subtle sophisticated statement with gunmetal — the finish that you choose can make or break a bathroom or kitchen design.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up 11 ways to incorporate faucets with a gunmetal finish to show you how easy it is to add a little edge to any design. Inspired by rifle barrels with a sheen that’s not quite matte and not quite shiny, gunmetal bathroom and kitchen faucets add an interesting touch to any design.

1. Stately and Stunning

Gunmetal Kitchen Faucet


One of the best decisions when it comes to choosing a kitchen faucet is choosing one that has enough height. Is there a bigger hassle than jamming a pot under a faucet that’s just too short and then spilling water everywhere once it’s full? We don’t think so.

A tall and stately gunmetal kitchen faucet reaches the perfect height to make food prep and taking care of dishes easy while its stripped-down look creates a beautiful yet minimal look to the space.

2. A Perfect Complement to Copper

A Perfect Complement to Copper


Wondering what faucet would complement the look of a copper sink basin? Look no further than a faucet with a gunmetal finish. This kitchen design goes all out in color and texture, and the dappled copper sink looks amazing under the touchless kitchen faucet in gunmetal.

3. Earthy and Relaxed

Earthy and Relaxed


The earthy calm of this shower is grounded in the soft brown tiles and gunmetal bathroom faucet. Earth tones have the power to connect us to nature and create a peaceful space that encourages us to wind down and relax. The layer of nickel that is under the upper surface of the gunmetal finish adds a subtle warmth that enhances the overall feel of this incredible shower space.

4. Monochrome Magic

Monochrome Magic


A gunmetal gray bathroom faucet looks stunning when paired with a monochromatic sink and shallow basin. The uniformity of this design, enhanced by the gunmetal faucet’s surface finish, creates a simple magic that makes each use an experience.

5. Clean Lines and Soft Curves

Clean Lines and Soft Curves


The clean lines of this marble countertop work seamlessly with the soft curves of the faucet and symmetrical handles. A rustic brick backsplash adds just the right amount of movement. Even the sunlight wants to experience this faucet.

6. Seeing Double

Seeing Double


Our signature Brooklyn Collection faucets are incredibly unique, and they’re even better when they come in pairs. These gunmetal faucets feature our one-of-a-kind valve wheel handle inspired by mid-century gate valves found in Brooklyn apartment blocks. Adding a touch of urban style has never been so easy. The gunmetal faucet finish is especially suited to urban style and industrial refinement.

7. Set the Mood

Set the Mood


More and more, bathrooms are becoming sanctuaries rather than just a functional space in the home. The dark luster of this gunmetal bathroom faucet sets the tone for a calm and quiet space.

8. Enhance Off-Beat Faucet Setups

Gunmetal Bathroom Faucet


Reinvent the bathroom space with old school, industrial looks. Color tones from the gunmetal finish balance perfectly between dark floors and dark cabinetry, supporting the white marbled basin with a large window to bring it all together.

9. All Natural

All Natural


The unique simplicity of this gunmetal kitchen faucet looks cool yet cozy with the different natural colors throughout the space. The subtle tones allow the faucet to stand out in a gentle and natural way while still being the focal point of this design.

10. Peaceful and Serene

Peaceful and Serene

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Imagine laying in the tub as the warm water flows and rises around you from this gunmetal faucet. Grounding touches like a warm light create a space that welcomes the smooth sheen and hint of warmth found in the delicate brushstrokes of the finish.

11. Gunmetal + Industrial = Perfection

Gunmetal + Industrial = Perfection


The rifle-inspired finish of gunmetal and the industrial piping of the Elan Vital Collection wall-mounted shower tap is a match made in heaven. The gunmetal finish looks great on any faucet, but there’s something about pairing it with industrial elements that just makes us swoon.

Take Your Design to the Next Level with a Gunmetal Faucet

Incorporating a gunmetal faucet finish into your bathroom, whether your design is traditional or modern, allows the subtle warmth and tactile finish to imbue the design with class and style.

Explore more faucets by contacting our team at Watermark Designs today and see how a gunmetal finish can transform your kitchen or bathroom design.