April 15th, 2022

19 Beautiful Square Bathroom Faucet Options

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 14

Great design is in the details. In a bathroom design, the faucet is a seemingly small detail that can have a large impact. Where many expect to see a traditional faucet, take them by surprise with a beautiful square faucet and create a design that deserves a double take. The hard lines of square faucets can open some of the most creative doors for bathroom designers.

Below we examine 19 bathroom designs and how the choice of a square faucet helps create a fantastically complete aesthetic.

1. Look At It from a Different Angle

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 1


Traditionally, faucets have been a round shape, so taking a different angle with this H-Line fixture in gunmetal instantly ups the wow factor. It offers the chance to complement the soft angles of other bathroom features like the sink basin and the vanity’s uniquely textured design.

2. Circles Above, Squares Down Below

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 2


This design offers a great play on circles and squares. A square vessel sink, open to the square vanity like a portal, sits beneath a Chelsea Collection square faucet that curves gracefully to the spout. An oversized perfectly circular mirror announces loudly something more than a square, with cylindrical lights hanging offset with metal coloration to match the square faucet. Notice the diamond hanging within the fixture, a wonderful addition to stitch the squares below with the curves of the circles and cylinders above.

3. Oh-gee, Isn’t That Nice

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 3

This faucet from Watermark’s Lily Collection sports an enchanting golden ogee finish, sometimes likened to a mermaid scale pattern, that stands out strong against black metal and gray-toned marble. Combined with the flashy vegetative wallpaper, this aesthetic takes a hold of extravagance and ties it all together. Squared escutcheons aid in making the faucet pop against the similarly colored marble sink top.

4. Let’s Get Minimal

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 4


A square faucet is the perfect finishing touch for a bathroom that only includes the essentials. Minimal meets natural in this bathroom design that effortlessly blends natural wood elements with the clean and streamlined aesthetic. The Edge Collection waterfall square faucet adds another subtle touch of nature as water spills out of the open end into the basin below like a waterfall.

5. A Course in Geometry

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 5


The geometric design on the wall paper in this bathroom is a perfect fit for the subtle square lines in the H-Line Collection bathroom faucet. The monogrammed towels are the perfect way to complete the space with their matching diamond shape.

6. A Glamorous, Geo-Decadent Design

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 6


When it comes to installing a geode as an accent wall, that’s certainly where the eyes want to be drawn. To balance the impressive installation, a Jem Collection square bathroom sink faucet stands strong over a heavily-angled basin to maintain aesthetic balance and harmony.

7. Edgy, Yet Soft

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 7


This Chelsea Collection faucet in polished nickel is a beautiful example of transitional design — a style that bridges the gap between traditional and modern design aesthetics. While square, its slender and curvaceous design defies expectations, towering over the sink and making a soft, yet edgy, statement.

8. Hearken Back to the Ancient World

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 8


In another stunning example of the Brut Collection square bathroom faucet, the flat edges give way to a rounded spout that gracefully arches over a unique stop-you-in-your-tracks green marble vanity. The marble matches effortlessly with the copper hue of the faucet, helping to emanate the mystique of ancient Grecian temples and Old World aesthetics.

9. Settle In and Stay Awhile

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 9


Lap siding, wooden vanity, dark marble, lantern fixtures, clerestory with light pouring in… It’s not hard to imagine settling into a relaxing retreat in this bathroom. Featuring an H-Line Collection square faucet in aged brass, this surprisingly complex blend of many styles stuns while creating one of the most comforting atmospheres of any in this list. Notice the color balance of the wooden vanity, black marble, and faucet, the only brass in the design. Coupled with the vanity hardware matching the marble, this bathroom was designed and implemented with a deft touch.

10. Lush Vibes With Subway Tile

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 10


The aged brass finish on a Brut Collection square faucet is the perfect complement to the emerald green vertical subway tiles that give this bathroom a lush and vibrant vibe. The very square sink basin pairs visually with the vertically tiled wall, a creative and successful choice. Equally creative, the square faucet coming straight from the wall opens the basin and vanity, providing a great foil to the intensity of the green tiling.

11. Silky Smooth Silver

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 11


After bronze and copper and gold, maybe it’s time for the other great metal aesthetic: silver. Offset, understated colors in the tiling are held in by silver-colored grout, a perfect balance to the striking mirrored finish of the square faucet from the H-Line collection. Here proves that sometimes the faucet should be the focal point of a bathroom aesthetic.

12. Seamlessly Blended Styles

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 12


Lines and squares and more lines paired with large, open windows synergize to create this complex yet elegant bathroom aesthetic. The square bathroom faucet, one of the darkest colors in the room, stands out as an anchor. The faucet from our Edge Collection is taken further by handles from our Elements Collection, playing with form and texture to create a style all its own.

13. Diamond Are Forever

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 13

This beautiful faucet from Watermark’s Lily Collection exhibits all of the classic faucet aesthetic with a unique added touch - diamond patterning. The slightest lines of copper emanating from the squared escutcheons wrap around the faucet and connect with the copper-edged mirror and decor of the sink top. Lily’s faucet texturing gives designers another level of interplay when designing something simple and dramatic.

14. A Nod to Neutrals

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 14


Looking for a sink design that impresses without flashy colors or busy details? Look no further — our Edge faucet in polished chrome effortlessly brings tranquil style into any design. The open faucet design is reminiscent of a waterfall and brings a calming presence to the space.

15. Wow … and We Do Mean Wow!

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 15


It takes commanding unity for each design element in this extravagant bathroom to hold its own while simultaneously working together. The Edge Collection square faucet holds down the lines and angles while the massive flower-painted walls brandish the curves. The addition of the Elements Collection Guilloche Barley handles in brass work so well — they complement the brass sink basin and vanity while allowing all of the other elements to have their moment.

16. A Soft and Subtle Standout

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 16


This bathroom is powered by a dresser-like vanity, playing into the modern trend of blue grays counter balanced by aged brass hardware and the H-Line Collection square faucet. The blend of warm and cool tones in this bathroom design creates a soft and subtle feel that is still a standout design.

17. Angles, Angles, and More Angles

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 17


While soft and understated, this “simple” aesthetic takes hold of angles and lines to create a unique atmosphere. A streamlined H-Line square bathroom faucet and a lightly detailed mirror allowing each element a moment of its own.

18. Dual Energies Come Together in This Design

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 18


This design blends masculine and feminine energies by mixing bold colors and earthly materials with soft touches. Standing strong beneath the extravagant mirror is a Brut Collection square faucet. With a smooth polished surface, the underside features an earthy, rough-hewn texture that creates a perfect marriage between masculine and feminine aesthetics. Especially concerning the handles, square faucets with their hard lines provide a commanding anchor to the washroom’s aesthetic, where a rounded faucet might just get lost.

19. Prowling Patterns of Showstopping Wallpaper

19 Beautiful Square Faucet Options for the Bathroom 19


Whoever said wallpaper was hideous and a thing of the past? This bathroom is lined with a beautiful wallpaper of a prowling tiger in a variety of blues, a wonderful counter to the subtle brass of the mirror, towel hanger, and H-Line Collection faucet that crouches over the sink basin. Notice the swirls of the tigers’ stripes and more between each of them? This subtle play with lines is a cozy backdrop for the hard, square lines of the mirror and H-Line Collection faucet.

Incorporate a Stunning Square Faucet with Watermark

Our stunning square faucets are available in a wide range of finishes so you can choose the perfect faucet to complement nearly any design. They add a subtle edge and will hold their own in designs that range from traditional to modern. They can even add a transitional touch in blended designs to complete your space.

Reach out and work with us to choose the best square faucet for your bathroom design.