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January 7th, 2021

Top 29 Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

Top 29 Kitchen Design Trends for 2021 17

When you’re ready to design your kitchen, these top 29 kitchen design trends will give you all the inspiration you need.


14 Beautiful Faucet Finishes to Consider For Your Space

14 Beautiful Faucet Finishes to Consider For Your Space 12

A faucet’s finish can make the faucet a standout feature or guide the design’s aesthetic. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than these 14 faucet finishes and design ideas.


5 Unique Split-Finish Bathroom Faucets

Split Toning Title 1

Split finishes for faucets and other hardware isn’t new, but the trend has begun to grow in the last few years. A split finish allows you to introduce more than one color into the color palette of a space for a versatile and dynamic style.


Watermark Ripple: Community Support During a Crisis

Watermark Ripple Commuity Support During a Crisis 1

Watermark Designs has worked for nearly 50 years to support the architecture and design community, especially in Brooklyn. To address the industry’s skilled labor shortage and provide opportunities for the Brooklyn community, Watermark Designs established Ripple, its nonprofit program, in partnership with several local economic development organizations.


A Look at Different Types of Showerheads

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 5

The best showerheads make a statement in the bathroom. Explore a wide range of showerhead styles and finishes to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.


Dealer Spotlight: Ultra Design Center

EDITED Dealer Spotlight Ultra Design Center 1

2020 brought significant shifts for the construction and home improvement industries. According to Travis Bland, Sale Manager for Ultra Design Center, 2020 has been a wild ride, "but a good wild ride." We circled up with Travis to discuss how Ultra’s Design Center’s showroom and customers have been affected by the pandemic and what they’re doing to keep their business healthy and growing.


Watermark Designer Spotlight: Idan Naor

Watermark Designer Spotlight Idan Naor 1

Brooklyn-based designer and architect Idan Naor goes out of his way to find inspiration in the everyday. To bring that inspiration into his design projects, Idan and his team at Idan Naor Workshop have created dozens of successful, endlessly stylish residential and commercial spaces for the last ten years. For this Designer Spotlight, we’re showcasing Idan Naor’s approach to carefully designed spaces and thoughtful functionality.


12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 5

Homeowners are choosing unique faucets, bathtubs and sinks to create their dream relaxation space. What could possibly tie these pieces all together in one cohesive theme? The answer is faucet handles.


The Best Faucet for Each Enneagram Type

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We love creative bathroom design ideas and personality tests. That’s why we’ve put together this list with our choices of which Watermark faucets are best for each Enneagram type. What do you think of your type’s faucet?


Designer Spotlight: Redefining Elegance With Ford Interiors

Designer Spotlight Redefining Elegance With Ford Interiors 1

Christina Shackleford with Ford Interiors is no stranger to elegant and high-end home construction. She’s been designing luxury spaces in southern Florida for more than 15 years now. In this Designer Spotlight series, Watermark Designs spoke with Christina about how elegance is achievable in any home, as long as you have the right details in place.

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