12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 5

In the past, bathrooms were purely utilitarian, but over time, as sanitation and hygiene became more important, people began to look at bathrooms differently. Slowly, bathrooms were transformed from being strictly practical to be rooms where homeowners could innovate, create, and enjoy a beautiful and relaxing space after a long day.

Now, homeowners are choosing unique faucets, bathtubs, and sinks to create their dream relaxation space. What could possibly tie these pieces all together in one cohesive theme? The answer is faucet handles.

Faucet Handle Designs

We’ve got 12 unique faucet handle designs that will create a truly one-of-a-kind bathroom experience.

1. Industrial Details Meets Rustic Finishes

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 1


The aged brass finish on these Titanium Collection faucets handles beautifully complement the bathroom vanity details. Pairing rustic finishes of aged brass and brushed wood with a modern vanity design creates a unique style in any bathroom.

2. Add a Parisian Touch

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 2


Get ready to take a trip, even if it’s only in a daydream. This Paris Collection faucet features a polished nickel finish and a unique faucet handle design that transports you to a Parisian apartment as you sink into a relaxing bath.

3. Choose Polished Stone for a Rustic Look

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 3

Give your bathroom a rustic, natural feel with stone handles from the Elements Collection. To make them pop against a stone shower wall, use a black finish for the hardware, including mounting plate and hand-held shower wand. You’ll end up with a complimentary but unique shower.

4. Choose Statement Sink Faucet Knobs

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 4


Traditionally, bathroom sink faucet knobs can be boring because they all look the same. However, this minimalist bathroom design from the Brooklyn Collection makes the faucet and knob a statement piece by featuring a unique gate valve knob that stands out in stark contrast against the washtub basin sink and white ceramic.

5. Add a Natural Touch

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 5


Natural elements in the bathroom bring a unique ingredient and create an even more soothing space. These bathroom faucet knobs from the Elements Collection combine modern function with wood details to devise a fixture that doubles as a work of art.

6. Go With Classic Black Knobs

12 Unique Bathroom F Aucet Handle Designs 6


Sometimes nothing beats clean, simple hardware, especially if you go with a bold backsplash design. When your walls (and mirror!) are the main attraction, black finishes can make a supporting statement without taking the attention away from the starring materials. This set from the Loft 2.0 Collection offers precise, minimal lines that keep the emphasis on the room at large.

7. Bring in the Brass

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 7


Tying a bathroom design together can come down to the finishes and details. This London Collection faucet comes in a polished unlacquered brass finish that ties in with the shower door handle and towel bar. The streamlined faucet handles complement the clean lines of the sink and vanity, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look throughout the design.

8. Classic Design With a Sophisticated Twist

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 8


Aged brass can bring a touch of the old world into a modern bathroom. The Loft 2.0 Collection features fixtures with a look somewhere between classic and modern, and they shine with old-world sophistication thanks to its aged brass finish.

9. Mix Colors

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 9


Who said bathroom fixtures have to be matchy-matchy? Consider combining a bright, metallic spout with dark faucet knobs to create contrast — this naturally draws the eye to notice and appreciate juxtaposed finishes. Pictured above is a fixture from the Zen Collection in elite brass with the collection’s bold Stone Nero Marquinha faucet handle.

10. Customization Is Key

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 10


This bathroom design is a perfect example of mixing tones and textures for a highly customized experience. From the marble countertop to the matte black honeycomb tile to the faucet, every detail works together beautifully. The faucet even got in on the game, with mixed faucet handles from the Urbane Collection in natural polished brass for a custom look.

11. Classic & Simple for a Major Upgrade

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 11


Our Stratford Collection features designs that are timeless yet easy to modernize for extra intrigue. The detailed design celebrates having its connections on display and adds to the appeal for an outstanding bathroom feature.

12. Go Industrial or Go Home

12 Unique Bathroom Faucet Handle Designs 12


Industrial design is extremely versatile. Simple, wall-mounted black hardware, like that from the Elan Vital Collection, adds a special touch to any bathroom. The flat metal finish offers a fun contrast against a wet and shiny bathroom sink, something guests are sure to notice and appreciate (especially when they don’t have to guess which handle to turn for hot water).

Make a Statement

Bathrooms provide a chance to innovate and create a space uniquely your own. The design potential for bathrooms is endless, even when it comes to the fixtures.

We’re proud and passionate about Watermark’s three+ decades of experience creating innovative, decorative and functional fixtures. Our made-in-Brooklyn products reflect our roots and create unique, distinctive pieces that look stunning in any bathroom. No two fixtures are the same, and these bathroom sink faucet knobs are statement pieces all on their own.

For a unique bathroom faucet, look no further than Watermark Design’s extensive collection.