A Look at Different Types of Showerheads

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 5

Showerheads may not be the first thing that comes to mind when imagining a bathroom, but they have the power to transform the shower into an experience rather than just a place to get clean.

Various factors such as orientation, shape, color and style allow you to create the perfect shower experience while elevating the design of the bathroom as a whole. The best showerheads make a statement in the bathroom.

Our dealers get many questions about the types of showerheads available and the pros and cons of each style so we created this handy guide to break down the styles and functionality of each. Read on to find out more.

Rain Showerheads

Rain showerheads feature a wide diameter and point straight down to create a pleasing shower of water that feels like the soothing pitter-patter of rain on your back. These are the best showerheads for an elegant, spa-like shower experience and bathroom aesthetic.

Every Day Is a Spa Day

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 1

While rain showerheads can be mounted to the ceiling, ceiling-mounted showerheads require plumbing in the ceiling which isn’t standard. The beauty of a wall-mounted rain showerhead is that it is compatible with standard plumbing. It can be integrated into a new design or added as an upgrade in an existing design. Paired with fixtures from the Elements Collection, this rain showerhead creates a relaxing bathroom oasis.

An Outdoor Experience

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 2

Including plants in a shower with a rain showerhead creates a true outdoor experience in your very own bathroom. A soft cascade of rainwater while in view of beautiful greenery evokes images of a sudden summer shower or a walk in the rainforest. This Loft 2.0 rain showerhead in natural brass gleams in the sunlight welcomed in by the large patio door deepening the outdoor experience.

Hand-Held Showerhead

Hand-held showerheads can be paired with a faucet in a tub, with a showerhead in a shower, or with both! They provide added flexibility, allowing you to control the trajectory of the water. Hand-held showerheads are generally seen in homes with children, pets or the elderly, since they make bathing much easier. But not all hand-held showerheads are made equal. Here is a breakdown of some of our favorites.

Vintage Flair

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 3

The matte antique brass finish on these Paris Collection fixtures perfectly complements the vintage-style clawfoot tub and muted color palette. The dual showerhead combines a standard fixed showerhead with a hand-held showerhead to give you the highest level of flexibility. Even in just a bathtub, a dual showerhead system creates flexibility for the perfect bath or shower.

Bathe in Luxury

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 4

Sinking into a bath never felt so stylish. With 1920s French flair, this Paris Collection tub faucet and hand-held shower head combination makes filling the tub easy and rinsing off even easier. The polished nickel finish adds shine as the sunlight gleams on the faucet.

Wall-Mounted Showerheads

The most traditional of the different types of showerheads are wall-mounted showerheads which project from the wall, creating a cascade of water from above. These showerheads include a fixed arm and pivoting head that allows you to change the angle of the water.

A Satin Brass Stand Out

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 5

Paired with green geometric tile, this Loft 2.0 Collection wall-mounted showerhead in satin brass has a matte finish that sets off the soft green of the tile, giving each design element equal time as the star of the show.

A Complete System

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 6

This design features a variety of elements to create a complete shower system. This rain showerhead is supported by a shorter wall-mounted arm, with a hand-held showerhead for added flexibility. The Paris Collection fixtures in polished nickel lend added shine to the beautiful white shower tiles.

A “Marble”ous Choice

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 7

Classic marble tile makes a new friend with this York Collection wall-mounted showerhead. The ebony (black nickel) finish stands out beautifully against the black marbling striations.

Ceiling-Mounted Showerheads

Rain showerheads can be mounted directly to the ceiling, truly recreating the experience of getting caught in a sudden summer downpour. Mounting a showerhead in this way requires plumbing in the ceiling, so it's important to ensure your pipes are mapped appropriately when designing the bathroom.

Get Caught in the Rain

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 8

For a true rainfall experience, a ceiling-mounted showerhead recreates the feeling of being caught in a sudden downpour — but much more relaxing. In this design, the subway tiles’ vertical orientation draws the eye up to the real star of the shower.

Creative Angles

Rather than mounting the showerhead directly to the wall, using a long arm set at creative angles adds a unique element to shower design.

Modern-Industrial Meets Contemporary

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 9

A wall-mounted showerhead that climbs the wall and juts into the shower at a right angle adds an edge. This modern-industrial component is especially stunning when it’s integrated into a contemporary design. A beautiful rain showerhead pairs perfectly with the stripped-down Elan Vital Collection fixtures in matte black.

Mirror Image

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 10

After shopping for showerheads, finding the perfect one might just mean you get two. Running at a 45-degree angle from the wall along an angled ceiling combines the convenience of a wall-mount showerhead with a realistic rain shower. These Blue Collection showerheads and fixtures are the perfect fit for this cathedral ceiling.

Evoke a Simpler Time

A Look at Different Types of Showerheads 11

Using an extended shower arm gives you more room to maneuver in the shower, making it a more comfortable experience. The rounded bends create a soft aesthetic in this Stratford Collection showerhead and fixtures. The brass finish evokes an old-world feel and a simpler time in a modern bathroom design.

Design Your Oasis

With help from Watermark, designing your own shower oasis is easy. Explore our wide range of showerhead styles and finishes to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.