5 Unique Split-Finish Bathroom Faucets

Split Toning Title 1

Split finishes for bathroom faucets and other hardware isn’t new, but the trend has begun to grow in the last few years. A split finish allows you to introduce more than one color into the color palette of a space for a versatile and dynamic style.

Here at Watermark, every faucet is made to order right here in our Brooklyn, NY factory. Because of this, designers and architects regularly come to us when their request is outside the box. So trust us when we say: split finish is a growing design trend.

Split-Finish Bathroom Faucets Design Ideas

In celebration of this create-your-own movement, we’re highlighting five of our favorite split-finish faucets.

1. Dueling Textures

1 Black And Bronze


When most people think of split finishes, they’re envisioning color alone, usually remembering the most common split of decades ago: the brass and chrome look.

But split finishes don’t have to be confined to traditional metal tones or a single texture. This faucet features a matte black finish over the majority of the spout, with an accent of weathered bronze on both the spout and the handle. The difference in texture helps ensure that the faucet will fit into a larger range of bathroom styles, from super contemporary to more rustic designs.

The texture of the faucet can be paired with a textured tile or stone or contrasted with something sleek to make it stand out. The possibilities are endless when you start playing with not only color, but texture in one design.

2. Pop of Color

2 Silver And Blue


Contemporary designs use bold and unexpected colors to elevate a room’s style. One way to include a surprising pop of color is right on your faucet. The spoked handle on this faucet and shower valve is vivid electric blue that pairs beautifully with either polished or brushed nickel.

The industrial design makes the color stand out more, allowing it to become a focal point in the room and giving you a built-in palette to play with.

3. Understated Style

3 Gold And Iron 1


Sometimes a muted finish like this matte black and aged brass can give you the subtle lift your design needs.

The warm contrast in tones on this contemporary faucet helps create a dynamic design, while the consistent aged finish ensures the faucet doesn’t call attention away from other elements in the room. These colors also ensure that you have a wide range of materials to choose from to complete the rest of your space with ease.

4. Sleek Design

4 White And Silver


No matter what style of bathroom you have, it’s hard to go wrong with clean white as your dominating color palette. White floors, wall tiles, sinks and vanities have been used for decades to give bathroom designs a clean, consistent style.

For the contemporary spaces that needs a bit of drama, a split-finish design that pairs this white faucet with just a touch of chrome adds polish and the right amount of contrast. The chrome finish also helps to pull in other design elements like door knobs, hinges, and flush levers.

5. Decadent Design

Split Finish Bathroom Faucet


Using black in bathroom designs is one the best ways for designers to make a luxurious and elegant impact.

What better way to complete the look than with a black faucet with a soft, slightly matte finish? For truly decadent style, pairing a matte black faucet spout with a aged brass handle and accent can turn your design into something extraordinary.

That touch of brass also allows designers to include other warm touches in the rest of the space, from mirror frames to towels and throw rugs.

Split Finishes: The Designer’s Secret Weapon

Split finishes can be created out of nearly any combination of colors or textures. They can also be used on a variety of faucet styles and shapes from the traditional to the contemporary, allowing you to put your personal stamp on your bathroom design. If you want to kick your design up a notch or two, don’t forget to consider split-finish.