Dealer Spotlight: Ultra Design Center

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2020 brought significant shifts for the construction and home improvement industries. According to Travis Bland, Sale Manager for Ultra Design Center, 2020 has been a wild ride, "but a good wild ride."

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People are staying home more, and that means they’re actively improving that space, and home improvement centers and retailers have risen to the occasion this year, finding new and safe ways to serve customers.

We circled up with Travis to discuss how Ultra’s Design Center showroom and customers have been affected by the pandemic and what they’re doing to keep their business healthy and growing.

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How Ultra Has Handled the Rise

Ultra Design Center Serves homeowners and contractors in the Denver, Colorado area and just like the the rest of us, the pandemic and COVID-restrictions were a challenge

But in many ways, Travis Bland feels lucky about where he is in 2020. "Denver has a strong economy, and we were more fortunate than other parts of the country," he says.

"Of course dealing with masks and walk-in traffic has been hard," says Travis, "but we do everything we can to make it a safe environment."

That attention to customer experience paid off for Ultra, even when other businesses shut down.

“People still want to get projects done,” says Travis.

Because so many people are staying at home, they want ideas and solutions for their home improvement. Ultra helps customers find those solutions by partnering with manufacturers they trust. The result is an experience that customers won’t forget.

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“If you provide a great service people will come to you, so we try to make it a great experience for everyone,” says Travis.

Travis started his career at Ultra Design Center in 2011 as an assistant, but as he gained expert knowledge and hands-on experience, he moved up and today he’s one of the most recognizable sales professionals in Colorado.

“Since I started as an assistant, Ultra has gone from a 4,000 square-foot space to the 13,000 square-foot showroom it is today. And we’re bringing on more team members,” says Travis. The Ultra Design Center is a small business with around 20 employees, but the growth is a good sign for the building materials dealer.

“Denver is a great market,” explains Travis, and whether that’s remodeling or new construction, the projects are keeping Travis and his team busy. “We’ve had the highest sales in the company’s history this year.”

Finishes and Fixtures That Inspire Any Project

Ultra Design Center commits to partnering with reliable brands and manufacturers. One of those brands has been Watermark.

“Watermark was with Ultra when I came on in 2011,” says Travis. “As we grew and wanted to add more in our showroom, Watermark played a critical role in that.”

Homeowners want options for unique finishing touches in their remodeled kitchen or brand new bath. “Showing the customer Watermark is a no-brainer, because Watermark checks all those boxes,” says Travis.

“It’s a great company to show people because of the variety: from extreme traditional all the way to modern and contemporary. Even if I’m just showing them an idea, Watermark should be shown to them because it’s such a great range; it’s a way to inspire a new project.”

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There are a few favorite lines that Travis enjoys working with: H-Line (above), Anika and Loft. “H-Line is just done really well. It draws instant attention and really captures people. It has a way of drawing them into the line. Loft is also great, and Anika is perfect for both traditional and transitional styles.”

Committing to the Customer: Selling Solutions

Ultra offers products from over 100 vendors from around the world, and they’re committed to delivering the best buying experience in the industry. That means they only partner with manufacturers they can truly rely on. “But that’s why it’s great to be a Watermark dealer because of the tech and general support they provide us. It’s easy to promote the line,” says Travis.

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Working as a sales manager has been challenging, especially with an unpredictable economy and supply chain. “There’s always something new. A new challenge to find a product for someone, or to solve an issue on-site. It keeps you on your toes,” says Travis.

Dealers and showrooms across the states carry Watermark because of the array of solutions provided by the leading manufacturer. The distinctive plumbing fixtures and bathroom accessories are a reflection of the melting pot where the Brooklyn-based company was founded. Watermark’s commitment to design integrity and customer service has resulted in stunning bathroom and kitchen spaces all across the globe.

Check out even more of Watermark’s products and solutions today.