July 7th, 2021

Comparing Deck-Mount vs. Wall-Mount Faucets

Comparing Deck Mount vs Wall Mount Faucets 1

Faucets have come a long way over the years. Designing a bathroom no longer means that you’re confined to the same silver finish with slightly different handle styles. The faucet options available now are astounding, and they have a lot to offer when it comes to completing a bathroom design.

A variety of finishes, plenty of styles and the option to mount the faucet on the deck or the wall means that no matter what bathroom or kitchen you’re designing, you’ll find the perfect faucet. Given the choice between a deck mount vs. a wall mount faucet, you have every available option to create an amazing design.

Let’s check out some of the details of deck mount vs. wall mount faucets, and then we’ll take you through some design ideas to give you inspiration.

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Deck-Mounted Faucets

When you think of a faucet, a deck-mounted faucet is probably the style that comes to mind first. That’s because it’s the most common style found in homes, hotels, restaurants and schools. It’s the standard for faucet installation.


Deck-mounted faucets are pretty straightforward, and many vanities come with holes predrilled, so the faucet can be installed right away.

Most water supply lines exit through the wall below the sink. This makes it easy to install a deck-mount faucet by simply placing the faucet shanks through the holes in the deck and connecting the supply lines.


As with any faucet, a deck-mounted faucet is fairly easy to maintain. Wiping it down with a damp cloth and mild cleaner daily will help to maintain its shine and vibrancy. However, due to its position on the countertop, cleaning around the faucet and handles can be a little trickier. Using a toothbrush or other small brush will help you get in any seams or crevices to make sure that dirt and germs don’t build up.


The timeless look of a deck-mount faucet is a great choice for most bathrooms and kitchens. You can choose from a range of finishes and styles guaranteed to complete your design. Waterfall faucets, high spouts, and various handle styles give you incredible flexibility with this timeless faucet style.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Wall-mounted faucets have the advantage of being unique. We’re used to seeing a faucet mounted on the deck of a kitchen counter or bathroom vanity, so a wall-mounted faucet is a surprising, and fun, design element.


Installing a wall-mounted faucet is a little trickier. Standard plumbing is designed with deck-mounted taps in mind, so plumbing for a wall mount faucet requires extra work.

To install a wall-mounted faucet, you’ll need to reroute the water supply lines up the inside of the wall to the place where the faucet will be located. This is best done by an experienced plumber, but it can also be a do-it-yourself project if you have the knowledge.

Rerouting the water supply lines requires opening up the wall where the faucet will be installed or going through the back of the wall from an adjacent room and then repairing it when you’re finished — but it can be worth it for the extra style and interest that a wall-mounted faucet brings to a space.


Wall-mounted faucets are easier to clean than their deck-mounted counterparts. Deck- mounted, or surface-mounted, taps are notoriously difficult to clean around, so clearing the deck allows for easier sink and countertop cleaning.

Wall-mounted taps won’t be surrounded by water that is left behind on the countertop, so germs won’t be as big of an issue. Since they are positioned above the sink, they won’t need to be wiped clean nearly as often as a deck-mounted faucet.


A wall-mounted faucet gives you the advantage of creating more space on the countertop, which can be used for storage or decor, adding even more to the design, or kept clear for a clean look. Due to their unique look, wall-mounted faucets add interest to the bathroom or kitchen design. If you’re building new, you can specify plumbing for wall-mounted faucets, making installation much easier.

7 Inspiring Design Ideas

1. Dark and Dreamy

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Standing out in a dark and dreamy design, this Loft 2.0 Collection faucet in brass is a deck-mounted beauty.

2. Industrial Charm

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The industrial look of this 1930s steam valve-inspired Sutton Collection deck-mounted faucet will enhance any design from a clean and minimal aesthetic to reclaimed and rustic.

3. Unconventional Beauty

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The unconventional handle, angular spout and side-of-sink location of this Elements Collection faucet all add unexpected interest to the extended rectangular sink.

4. Stately Beauty

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The stately vibe of these Brooklyn Collection faucets looks beautiful above unique square sink basins.

5. X Marks the Spot

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One benefit of a wall-mounted faucet is the ability to get creative with sink basins. Mounting this Loft 2.0 Collection faucet on the wall allows for a sink basin with a slim profile and narrow edge. These X-shaped handles really do mark the spot.

6. Traditional Meets Modern

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The ability to take classic traditional elements and blend them into a modern design is where this Stratford Collection faucet in aged brass shines.

7. The Best of Both Worlds

Comparing Deck Mount vs Wall Mount Faucets 7


What if you can’t decide between a wall-mounted or deck-mounted faucet? Choose both! You can create a hybrid by mounting one element on the deck and the other on the wall. This design features the spout on the wall and the handle on the right side of the deck. The installation process will be a little more involved, but for this incredible design statement that matches the natural stone countertop, it just might be worth it.

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