April 15th, 2021

Single vs. Double Handle Bathroom Faucets: The Best Choice for Your Space

Single vs Double Handle Bathroom Faucets The Best Choice for Your Space 6

The world of faucet design is vast. Today’s faucets come in a wide range of styles and finishes that we couldn’t have dreamed of 20 years ago. However, despite the plethora of design options, it all comes down to one simple choice: Single handle faucet or double handle faucet?

Your choices can be based on a few factors, but the most important consideration as you weigh the pros and cons of single handle faucets and double handle faucets is the installation requirement for each type.

Luckily, the plumbing requirements for both styles are the same. However, the number of holes that you have available is not. If you only have one hole in your space, then you must choose a single handle bathroom faucet unless you want to tackle the process of drilling additional holes in the sink, counter or wall. Beyond the plumbing aspect, your choice of a single handle vs. double handle bathroom faucet will require you to weigh the various advantages and challenges of each type.

Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Styles


Streamlined and Modern

Single handle faucets create a streamlined and modern profile that complements a variety of design aesthetics.

Single vs Double Handle Bathroom Faucets The Best Choice for Your Space 1


The single handle splendor of this Loft 2.0 Collection faucet is the perfect accent to a modern industrial design.

Perfect for Small Washbasins

If you are working in a smaller space or choose a small washbasin, a single handle faucet takes up less space, making it the perfect choice.

Single vs Double Handle Bathroom Faucets The Best Choice for Your Space 2


Less to Clean

With only one handle, there are fewer nooks and crannies and, therefore, leave you less to clean. Since cleaning the bathroom is a universally dreaded task, this is a firm checkmark in the advantage column.

One-Handed Operation

We’ve all been in a situation where at least one of our hands is messy or otherwise occupied, making it difficult to turn on a faucet. With a single handle faucet, you only need one hand. If both hands are dirty, its simple operation allows you to turn the faucet on with an arm or elbow.

Single vs Double Handle Bathroom Faucets The Best Choice for Your Space 3


The asymmetry of this single handle Brooklyn Collection bathroom faucet is a unique touch in this rustic design.


Possible Capped Holes or Wider Base for Sink Mounted Faucets

If you previously had a double handle faucet, then you will have three holes in the sink deck, countertop or wall. It gives you the ability to choose between a single or double handle faucet, but if you choose a single handle, then you will have two unused holes.

A single handle bathroom faucet will sometimes come with caps that you can use to cover the unused holes, or you can choose a single handle faucet with a wide enough base to cover the holes.

Single vs Double Handle Bathroom Faucets The Best Choice for Your Space 4


The extended spout of this Elements Collection faucet will go to great lengths for the perfect bathroom.

Double Handle Bathroom Faucet Styles


Better Temperature Control

A double handle faucet has one handle for cold and one handle for hot. This allows you to truly customize the faucet temperature. It is also less likely to change temperature suddenly if the handle is bumped as may be with a single handle faucet.

Can Still Be Used If One Handle Leaks

If one of the handles is leaking or otherwise in need of repair, the water can be shut off to just that handle, leaving the other handle available and the faucet still usable.

Single vs Double Handle Bathroom Faucets The Best Choice for Your Space 5


The dark and brooding gunmetal finish on this Loft 2.0 Collection double handle bathroom faucet inspires deep contemplation.

Classic Look

A double handle bathroom faucet offers a classic look that will fit in nearly any bathroom design. This timeless quality will stand the test of time.


The symmetry created with a double handle faucet is a pleasing design detail that works with many different aesthetics.

Single vs Double Handle Bathroom Faucets The Best Choice for Your Space 6


The beautiful handles on the Elements Collection faucet will make you happy you went with the double handle design.


Difficult to Replace a Single Handle Faucet

If you previously had a single handle faucet, replacing it with a double handle faucet can create a challenge. You’ll have to drill more holes in order to make it work, which creates a longer, more involved installation process.

More Moving Parts That Can Break

A bathroom faucet with 2 handles vs. 1 handle means that there are more moving parts that can potentially break or leak.

Single vs Double Handle Bathroom Faucets The Best Choice for Your Space 7


This Elan Vital Collection faucet is the best of both worlds with a double handle design on a single spout.

The Best Choice for Your Space

The best choice for your space depends on a variety of factors.

First, consider your design aesthetic and whether you want the symmetry and timeless look of a double handle faucet. Or would you rather incorporate the streamlined minimalism of a single handle faucet?

Next, consider the space that you have available. A smaller sink basin or limited counter space can call for a single handle faucet. A double handle faucet will have a wider spread and is more suited to a bathroom design with a little more space.

Another consideration is the style of the existing faucet. Deciding whether or not you want capped holes showing if you replace a single handle faucet will help you choose between a single handle faucet vs. a double handle faucet. If you’re starting from scratch, you have the benefit of drilling the right amount of holes for the style you choose.

Regardless of your choice, Watermark Designs offers a wide range of both single and double handle bathroom faucets that will complete your unique bathroom design. Click here to try out our Faucet Designer to create a one-of-a-kind faucet perfect for your needs.