How to Make a Big Statement in a Small Bathroom


When you’re trying to improve a small bathroom, it can feel like you don’t have many options. After all, there’s only so much you can do with a few square feet, right?

Wrong! With a little creativity and some carefully-chosen elements, you can transform a tiny bathroom into a beautifully designed masterpiece.

Let’s take a look at some of our top tips for maximizing the style and efficiency of compact bathrooms.

Choose Light Hues

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Light colors have a way of making things appear larger. Using lighter colors in your bathroom is an optical trick can make the room seem more spacious than it really is. Plus, lighter colors reflect more light, making the room bright and cheerful.

Choosing light colors for walls and floors makes them look wider, visually enlarging the entire room. But don’t go too monotone - highlight finishings by choosing a bright color, such as the gold used in the image above. While the lighter colors throughout the room make the bathroom look larger, the bright fixtures make it look elegant and inviting.

Maximize Lighting



Dim rooms can make a room feel even smaller, so it’s important for small bathrooms to maximize lighting by using multiple light sources. A single overhead light isn’t always enough.

Try using multiple lights, like in the bathroom above. It adds a touch of whimsy to the room while also providing plenty of illumination. Or you can incorporate lights on the sides of vanity mirrors or in unexpected places like under cabinets.

You can also make the most of natural light by utilizing windows wherever possible. Whether it’s a small awning window or a big skylight, adding any type of window can boost the brightness of a tight space. If you are worried about privacy, try using frosted glass. Your clients will get all the benefits of daylighting without the worry of giving their neighbors a show.

Double Space With Mirrors



Just like light colors, mirrors can trick the eye into thinking spaces are larger than they really are. By reflecting the area it faces, a mirror can actually make it look like the space continues beyond the wall the mirror is hung upon. If the mirror faces a window, it can also create the impression of there being another window in the room. This reflects the natural light and gives the eye more visual distance to take in.

When it comes to mirrors in small spaces, always go big. The more mirror space, the more reflection, making the room seem larger. When possible, use a mirror the same width as the wall, like in the image above. This mirror in this bathroom has the added benefit of reflecting light from the hanging pendants, further increasing the brightness of the room.

Keep the View Clear



One of the best ways to make a tiny bathroom look more spacious is to remove any visual obstacles that would prevent the eye from having a clear view to the opposite wall. You can achieve this by choosing bathroom elements made from thin frames or with open shelving.

Clear glass shower enclosures and legs-only sink consoles are perfect examples of items that remove visual interruptions and weight. Where solid walls or bulky vanities may be overwhelming, these elements keep the view light and clear.

Find Flexible Furnishings and Appliances


With small bathrooms, designers have a great opportunity to ensure that all the storage options are as functional as possible. Furnishings that offer flexibility can be some of the best options in this respect.

Rolling storage carts, vanities with pull-out countertops and foldable shower enclosures are all excellent examples of flexible design elements. They allow for useable space to be maximized when needed, and stowed out of the way when not in use.

Put Walls to Work

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Not all small bathrooms have the space to add storage furniture, so it’s up to the walls to provide storage options. With hooks, shelves and some creativity, you can create all of the storage space your clients need.

In the image above, the designer used pegboard and some small containers to make plenty of room for makeup brushes, jewelry and other essentials.

Recessed shelving is also a great solution, as it enables you to create storage in rather than on the walls. Such shelving keeps everything out of the way, removing the risk of bumping into hooks or having to move around items protruding from the walls. This is an especially good option for small shower cabins, where hanging shelves may intrude too much upon the showering space.

Go Bold



Many feel like small bathrooms require a conservative design, but why not make these small spaces impactful?

Tiny bathrooms give you an opportunity to get a taste of bold style without requiring too much commitment. Unlike with larger rooms, it’s easy and inexpensive to change things up when the client is ready for something new.

Consider fun wallpaper, unusual light fixtures and unconventional hardware for the appliances. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and decor either. This is a great space for taking risks and being expressive.

Time to Get Creative

Great designers have proven time and time again that even a small bathroom can make a big impact. With a little creativity and some storage tricks, you will be well on your way to impressing your clients.

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