Details We Adore: 6 Luxury Bathroom Designs


There’s nothing better than the moment when a guest opens your bathroom door and says “Wow!” But to get to that wow moment, it takes hard work and a lot of inspiration.

Ideas for how to transform an outdated bathroom into the spa-like sanctuary of your dreams don’t appear out of nowhere. They are the result of painstaking research of the things you like and want most, then mixing those bits and pieces into a cohesive design project.

It’s the small details that end up making a finished bathroom truly shine. These details manifest as products, materials, fixtures or finish treatments that can elevate a remodel from good to great.

These luxury designs will give you the inspiration you need to finally pull the trigger on the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

1.Back in Brass



When you think of brass, you probably think of the old brass chandelier your grandparents had hanging in their dining room in the 80s that was loud, shiny and overpowering.

Today, brass is making a comeback—but it’s not your grandmother’s brass. Today’s brass has a softer, more refined, antique feel. Used in moderation as accents to your main colors, brass details can make your bathroom look high-end and gives it a more unique result than brushed nickel or chrome.

The image above shows how using a little bit of aged-brass in a deck-mounted faucet from the H-Line Collection by Mark Zeff for Watermark Designs can look stunning set against the glossy sheen of glass tile and a polished stone countertop. If you are looking for that wow factor, brass details are the way to go.

2. The Multi-Functional Shower



Luxury means homeowners get an amazing shower experience in a bathroom that looks beautiful. When it comes to your shower, having complete control over water pressure, temperature and water source gives you the best possible bathing experience.

This transitional shower with detached hand shower from Watermark Designs separates water pressure from temperature control, allowing you to dial in your perfect shower. It may seem like a small detail, but small details are the difference between a just a shower and ‘WOW’ shower experience.

3. All Marble, All the Time



Marble has always been considered one of the most high-end finishes available. It conjures thoughts of a luxurious life, full of excess and relaxation: Champagne in crystal glasses. Peeled grapes. Chaise lounges with faux fur blankets.

When most people use marble, however, it’s just as an accent in the form of a countertop or bathtub surround. But let’s take things further and imagine a bathroom draped entirely in white marble, surrounded by accents of stainless steel and glass. It would certainly create a jaw-dropping impression on anyone who walked in the room.

This example shows a Watermark Designs faucet from the Zen Collection that has been fitted with handles made from the same marble as the countertop and backsplash, proving you can’t have too much of a good thing.

4. The Bathtub Island



Truly great luxury bathrooms have a dynamic focal point for the rest of the design to work off. And if you want to surprise guests with the design, there’s no better way to go than an island bathtub.

While most designs put bathtubs against a wall or in a corner, island bathtubs are put right in the center of the room, making sure it’s the first thing you see. Island bath tubs set the precedent that this room is for relaxation first, and lets you get creative with the other fixtures, like the globe lights and curtain separators in the image above.

Even if you aren’t ready for a bathtub in the center of your room, hopefully, this example will still inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to the layout of your bathroom design.

5. Classically Bright



If you want a feeling of luxury in your bathroom, make sure it’s filled with plenty of natural light. Large windows that let your bathroom be drenched in sunlight is sure to give your bathroom an opulent feel.

Use neutral colors like white, grey and cream to make the room feel extra large. And for a touch of elegance, add in gold finishes, like these tub and shower faucet sets by Watermark Designs. With copious light reflecting around the room, you’ll actually look forward to your morning routine.

6. Farmhouse Goes Modern



Thanks to shows like Fixer Upper, people are clamoring for farmhouse designs in every room of their home. Distressed wood is in, as is rustic finishes and shiplap.

Used in a bathroom, a farmhouse design can make the room feel warm and comfortable. But if you want it to feel luxurious as well, you need to pick the right fixtures. A rustic faucet in an elegant finish, like the one in this image, adds the perfect luxurious touch against a whitewashed wood backsplash.

So if you want in on that farmhouse trend, try pairing high-end products and fixtures with upcycled, authentic materials to get the perfect marriage of old and new.

It’s the small details that can make or break your luxury design. If you want to use simpler materials like wood, make sure your details feature an elegant finish. Or try turning the design on its head by picking an unusual focal point. We hope you use these examples as a way to kick-start your imagination and craft the perfect luxury bathroom.

And once you have your idea in mind, contact Watermark Designs to help you design the perfect custom faucet set for your project.