Floor-Mounted Bathtub Faucets: The Perfect Addition to a Freestanding Tub

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Bathrooms have become much more than a room with a shower or tub and a toilet. In a world that now encourages and prioritizes self-care, they represent a place to retreat into serenity and escape the fast pace of the day. With the ability to be customized to every taste, style and design aesthetic, bathrooms and bathroom fixtures create an area of the home where stress can’t enter and anxiety isn’t welcome.

There is an incredible number of ways to achieve unique and relaxing results in bathroom design. Bathroom faucets, sinks, tile work, tubs, shower designs, finishes, lighting and shelving are all ways to add a unique stamp to a bathroom and create a retreat where relaxation reigns supreme.

Freestanding tubs are a unique design element to add to a bathroom. By adding a floor-mounted bathtub faucet, it allows for more bathtub design flexibility and adds a unique element to the overall bathroom design, creating the perfect retreat.

Stately Design

Stately design


In this stately bathroom design, the curved edge of the freestanding bathtub simultaneously contrasts and complements the straight lines and angles of the rest of the bathroom design.

The freestanding tub faucet from the Anika Collection allows the sloping lines of the tub to continue uninterrupted and adds height that draws the eyes to the beautiful view outside the large window.

Modern Meets Rustic

Modern meets rustic


Combining modern and rustic styles, this bathroom design features a woodgrain freestanding bathtub as the unique focal point. The design is enhanced by the freestanding faucet that rises above the edge of the tub without obscuring the soft curves or interrupting the beauty of the wood grain. The dark finish of the Brooklyn Collection faucet ties in with the mirror and allows the faucet to draw attention to itself.

A Standout Against a Skyline

A standout against a skyline


Mimicking the lines of the windows that look out over the stunning New York City skyline and Central Park, this Blue Collection floor mounted bathtub faucet is the perfect complement to this stunning marble freestanding tub.

Contemporary Perfection

Contemporary perfection


Soft and serene, this bathroom design (photographed and designed by DB Studio) incorporates geometric marble tile around the freestanding tub and the floor-mounted bathtub faucet completes the look. There may be no place more perfect to unwind while looking out at the breathtaking scenery.

The Loft 2.0 Collection faucet is the perfect complement to this contemporary design.

Make the Most of Your Space

Make the most of your space


This design mixes up the placement of the Titanium Collection freestanding tub faucet, placing it at the head of the tub rather than on the side. This placement allows the tub to be located close to the wall, creating more room to move through this beautifully styled, narrow bathroom space.

Elevated Style

Elevated style


A freestanding tub settled on a unique tile design is elevated further with the inclusion of the H-Line Collection floor-mounted bathtub faucet. The gleaming finish allows it to stand out on its own while still complementing the overall bathroom design.

Cozy Chrome

Cozy chrome


The polished nickel finish on this freestanding tub faucet from the Paris Collection is the perfect match for the freestanding chrome bathtub. Nestled in a bathroom nook, the floor-mounted bathtub faucet allows for more space to enjoy a nice relaxing soak in a beautiful and peaceful bathroom.

Uniquely Modern

Uniquely modern


Stepping away from traditional, this modern design and unique tiled wall allow this Blue Collection freestanding tub faucet in satin elite brass to steal the show as the light from the window glints off of the finish. Presiding over a simple oval tub, it creates added interest for a truly unique bathroom design.

A Pop of Color

A pop of color


This red-handled Brooklyn Collection faucet adds a pop of color to this stunning yet simple bathroom design. In contrast to the straight lines of the drawer pulls, the floor-mounted bathtub faucet adds an element of personality and customized style to an otherwise neutral-toned room.

Metallic Moment

Metallic moment


Metallic has its moment in this bathroom that makes use of soft tones, incorporating them into the warmth of wood elements. The pewter finish of the Loft 2.0 Collection floor-mounted bathtub faucet perfectly blends with the metallic bathtub and gray walls while also adding an element of style that elevates the bathroom’s design.

Stylish and Serene

Stylish and serene


It would be difficult to bring stress into this stunningly calm bathroom design. The freestanding tub is placed in the middle of the room, which allows the Loft 2.0 Collection freestanding tub faucet to truly take center stage as a focal point of the overall bathroom design. The gleaming finish is carried throughout the shower and sink fixtures, bringing cohesion to the overall design.

A Floor-Mounted Bathtub Faucet Is the Perfect Choice

In nearly any bathroom design that includes a freestanding tub, the inclusion of a floor-mounted faucet can elevate the design and complete the room’s style. Whether it’s a pop of color or a contrasting finish, choosing a floor-mounted tub faucet adds a unique focal point to bathroom designs that range from contemporary to traditional to modern or a cutting-edge blend of aesthetics.

Watermark Designs has floor-mounted faucets to complete any bathroom. Contact an expert today to see how you can incorporate one in your design. Or use our Faucet Designer to create your own, unique design.