Designer Spotlight: Creating Style + Impact with INC

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Traditional style elements are popular in residential design, which poses a challenge for architects to differentiate each classically-designed space.

But when NY-based architect Adam Rolston tackles a project, he still turns to historic design for inspiration. By using traditional design elements as a springboard for his project ideas, Rolston and the team at INC have created beautiful, one-of-a-kind spaces.

“We work globally but design locally. We always take inspiration from the context of the project,” he explains. For Parlour, the multi-story residential project located in Brooklyn that INC recently designed, Adam and his team pulled ideas straight from the townhouses and brownstones in the Park Slope area.

By employing the most beautiful aspects of classic New York architecture, the residences at Parlour are a testament to both modern and classic styles.

Creating More Character in Modern Spaces

Balancing traditional and contemporary is no easy feat, but through a thoughtful composition of layered design details, the INC team seamlessly accomplished a distinct, elevated aesthetic consistent throughout each residence at Parlour.

“We absolutely love our custom design plumbing fixtures for the Parlour in Brooklyn,” says Rolston. “It is loosely based on a mid-century fixture that Phillip Johnson designed for American Standard. It combines classic lines with a modern sensibility.”

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The design team at INC were meticulous in their selection of materials used in the space. Elevating traditional design requires careful attention to every element, from faucet selections to sink basin size. “Right now, we are all looking for objects, spaces and buildings that connect to history and look to the future,” he explains.

Rolston and his team needed to enhance the design of each Parlour interior space while anticipating what tenants need to feel truly at home.

“We live in a mobile world where the boundaries between our private sanctuaries and our public selves have blurred,” says Rolston. “We make places that feel like home no matter where you are.”

No detail in the Parlour project is left to chance: the design in each unit is consistent and seamlessly stylish, down to the finish chosen on each bath fixture.

Design Details That Do Wonders

Parlour Watermark Photography

Adam and the team at INC worked with Watermark Designs for the bathroom and kitchen elements featured throughout the Parlour project.

“We love working with Watermark because of their interest and capabilities in customization,” explains Rolston. By working with Watermark, the INC team was able to bring the design vision for Parlour to life, alchemizing classic design with a sleek modern style.

“We are in the business of the new,” says Rolston. “Why wouldn't we want to work with one of the few plumbing manufacturers that has a bespoke approach much like our own?”

And because Watermark Designs offers water-saving features and uses sustainable manufacturing practices, designers know the spaces they create can be both beautiful and environmentally-conscious.

Established design firms like INC understand that the future of the design industry depends on sustainability. “The health of our environment is the single biggest issue facing our planet and the design industries today,” explains Rolston.

And perhaps that’s why the project at Parlour is so successful. Not only do the design details work elegantly together, but they also incorporate responsible, forward-thinking design.

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“Organic forms with an emotional impact, soft materials that support wellness, human-centered solutions that enhance comfort and simplicity that declutters: these will be the hallmarks of good design moving forward,” says Rolston.

Create an Impact and Long-Term Style

Architects might refer to the Parlour project if they’re looking for transitional design solutions, where traditional and contemporary design elements are used to style a space.

The arches of the building’s facade and classically-styled plumbing design features create an impression. Sam Lubell covered the innovative condo design for the New York Post:

“Yet with all these nods to the past, they are still modern, with extra-large windows — the arches allow them to bring in even more light — and contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.”

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However you label the kind of design used in the Parlour project, it’s the talent and innovation of the team at INC that made it work so well. Learn more about the firm on its website.

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