Complete Your Look With Unique Copper Bathroom Fixtures



Modern flair meets rustic charm in the form of copper bathroom fixtures. Copper faucets have the advantage of coming in a variety of finishes from antique to shiny, and while definitely trending, they have remained a time-tested way to add a unique touch to almost any bathroom design. Their versatility means that they perfectly complement a wide variety of bathroom styles.

Copper Bathroom Faucet Design Ideas

You can use this to your advantage as you incorporate a copper bathroom faucet into the bathroom design of your dreams, knowing that it will definitely make a statement.

Sophisticated Elegance

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Pairing marble and copper creates a blending of textures that imagines a sophisticated elegance in the bathroom. In this particular pairing of polished copper and carrara marble handles, the smooth matte texture of the marble is contrasted with the shiny copper finish of the Zen Collection faucet, bringing a delightful balance to the design.



Drawing inspiration from the classic design of a New York Brownstone, this Stratford Collection faucet is complemented by the gray marble tile work and finished off with black framed glass doors, exuding sophisticated elegance. The copper bathroom faucet adds a classic touch to a sophisticated and sleek aesthetic.

Layer Textures

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There are no shortage of places for the eye to land in this simple and clean bathroom design. Incorporated into a textured wall and paired with a matte black handle, the copper bathroom faucet demonstrates how it can stand out in a multi-textured bathroom design.

A beautifully patterned sink bowl draws in natural colors to contrast with the white of the wall and countertop. The copper-toned counter base provides a grounding effect as it matches the copper Elements Collection faucet. Adding a pop of life with the sink-side plant draws on the green foliage in the sink bowl design and ties everything together beautifully.

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A bamboo patterned wall, intricate vanity tile and textured copper bathtub all blend well with the copper bathroom faucet despite their seeming contrast.

The Loft 2.0 Collection faucet’s clean lines complement rather than detract from the different textures and elements included in the design. To level everything out, a smooth countertop finishes the design and beckons you to enjoy a soak while enjoying your view of the great outdoors.

Carry Copper Tones Through the Room

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While a copper bathroom faucet can stand on its own in a bathroom design, carrying copper tones throughout the room is a nice way to create cohesion.

This design makes use of black and white accented with shiny copper light fixtures and a copper ringed mirror. The stain on the wood shelves and sink counter also invites in copper tones that create warmth and texture. And the polished copper Titanium Collection faucet brings it all together against the gleaming white rectangular sink basin.

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Using copper-tinted grout in this gorgeous bathroom design complements the wall-mounted copper bathroom faucet in a subtle way that carries through the bathroom backsplash. To ensure that the design isn’t too matchy, the matte black faucet knob provides a pleasing contrast. The copper tones of the Zen Collection faucet are carried throughout the warm brown of the sink basin and the copper-ringed mirror.

Sleek and Industrial

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Pairing the stripped-down aesthetic of the Elan Vital Collection with the sleek marble walls and streamlined bathtub creates an element of interest in this beautifully simple bathroom design.

Contrast between the gleam of marble and the semi-matte finish of the copper bathroom faucet — a faucet that gleans design inspiration from the commercial ball valves and plumbing unions of the past — creates an added element of interest in this design.

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Reminiscent of the gate valves found in the mid-century apartment blocks of Brooklyn, this homage to the industrial artifacts of latter-day Brooklyn complements the stark white tile of the shower. Choosing a shiny finish on this Brooklyn Collection copper bathroom faucet brings attention to its unique design in a subtle way, making it a focal piece in the overall design.

Balance Warm and Cool Tones



The hexagonal pattern of the cool-toned gray tiles stands in contrast to the warmth of the copper bathroom faucet, bringing balance to the bathroom design featured above. This use of the Zen Collection highlights how warm and cool tones can be blended to create a truly unique design aesthetic.

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Gray veined marble handles carry the cool tones of the tile into the handles while the warm shine of the Zen Collection copper bathroom faucet creates interest. Balancing the warm and cool tones brings a sense of calm to the design that invites you to relax and unwind.

No matter what design you choose for your bathroom, whether it’s a modern aesthetic or a nod to old-world charm, there is a copper bathroom faucet that can complete your bathroom design and create a beautiful place to start and end each day.

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