8 Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Space

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For the industrial design lover, it doesn’t matter if you live in a converted loft or a more traditional home: Getting the look you love in your bathroom is worth the effort every time.

The key to making industrial really work in any home, however, is extending it to every inch of the room. This includes the decor and the fittings that go into it. This is especially true of the bathroom, where there are so many great opportunities to bring this design to life.

Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas

If you really love the minimalist, functional and intriguing look of industrial-inspired design, check out these 8 ways to add it to your bathroom.

1. Create a Console Lavatory



Instead of a traditional sink area, consider using sink legs to make the base of a console sink and top it with a slab counter. Concrete, honed stone, recycled glass and quartz counters all make interesting, industrial additions to the area. The sink legs give the impression of pipes and a minimalist design that make the room appear larger than it really is.

2. Add Industrial Fixtures



Industrial design has a lot of interesting features you can use to complete your bathroom. The handles on these faucets are made with spoked wheels.

Spokes, pipes, plates and other images like these call to mind the look of an old industrial worksite and old gate valves, perfect for making a unique and stylish statement.

By incorporating that same accent, such as a wheel, throughout the space—on the faucets, shower valves and exposed water pipes—you set the tone for the entire room.

3. Feature the Pipes

Industrial Sink Faucet


Many industrial-style homes use existing exposed pipe and ductwork; it’s part of the charm of the design.

If you’re creating an industrial style of your own, but you don’t want to (or can’t) expose your actual pipes, try using a faucet design that includes exposed pipes instead. This makes a statement that puts an emphasis on the industrial chic look you’re after, without the commitment or renovation required to expose plumbing.

This elevated sink faucet adds utilitarian flair, making this design feature appear as though it was part of the original building plumbing. This is a fun way to include a focal point in the room while setting the stage for the rest of your design.

4. Wall Hung Toilets With Actuator Plates



Minimalist design goes hand in hand with industrial style. For that reason, fixtures such as toilets are often wall hung to decrease their size and presence.

If you use a wall hung toilet in the bathroom, consider including a metal actuator plate in the same finish as the rest of the room. This small industrial touch will make the toilet easier to use and help keep the minimal look intact.

5. Show Off Your Shower Drain



Even the best designs can look incomplete if you don’t extend the look to every inch of the room. The shower floor often gets overlooked once the tile or tray has been installed.

Make sure your industrial bathroom design gets the cohesive look it needs by investing in a decorative, industrial style shower drain. With all of the unique and interesting patterns on the market today, you are sure to find an industrial style drain that will make the entire area pop.

6. Make the Shower a Statement

Exposed Shower Set


In most designs, the shower plumbing is concealed behind the wall, with only the valve and head exposed. With an industrial style bathroom, however, the entire unit can be exposed to make a statement.

This is particularly ideal for large bathrooms that have glass shower enclosures. In this example, because the shower plumbing can be easily seen, it becomes a focal point for the room.

7. Coordinate Lavatory and Industrial Shower Fixtures



A design can officially be considered successful when all parts of a room work together towards a theme. With the number of products now available to designers, it’s possible to coordinate all the way down to the toilet handle so your entire design flows to one destination.

And don’t forget to match the shower trim to the rest of the bathroom. It can make a big impact, especially if you have a glass door or a walk-in shower where the shower head is easily seen. It’s a surefire way to make your guests say wow.

8. Think About the Finish



Chrome and nickel get a lot of attention for bathroom finishes, but they are far from the only finishes you can use. In an industrial style bathroom, there are several other finishes that can make equally stunning looks.

Gunmetal, oil rubbed bronze, black, matte black and some more rustic finishes all have the ability to heighten your design. Industrial looks aren’t usually polished and shiny; they show use, age and function. Be sure to complete your industrial bathroom faucets and showers with an aged finish to create the perfect look.

Create the Perfect Industrial Bathroom Design

Industrial design is a popular style no matter where it’s found. The key is making sure you carry it throughout the room. Visit Watermark Designs today to find the perfect fittings for your industrial bathroom design.