Create Your Dream Vintage Bathroom


Think subway tile walls and patterned mosaic floors, vintage-styled bathrooms have a nearly universal appeal. The making of a truly stunning bathroom design is in the details. It’s not enough to install an oct-and-dot floor and a slipper tub; you need to carry the design right down to the plumbing fixtures.

Exposed Pipe Shower Designs

Exposed pipe tub and shower fillers, stylish faucets and sink fixtures fit perfectly into the vintage aesthetic. Combine them, and they can help you complete the vintage bathroom look you've always wanted.

Transform Your Bathtub with Exposed Pipe Fillers

Exposed Tub Filler


If you already have that perfect vintage slipper or claw-foot bathtub, the only thing left to complete the look is an exposed pipe filler.

A tub filler with exposed pipes is a super stylish solution for a standalone tub. And in addition to looking good, clearly labeled hot and cold valves let you fine-tune water temperature and pressure. The end result is a picture-perfect bathtub that gives you the perfect water temperature to bathe in.

Add a handheld shower, and you’ll want to use this tub every day.

Exposed Sink Legs Are Chic and Customizable


Vanities and pedestals aren't the only types of sinks for a vintage bathroom. For a unique design consider a standalone sink with legs instead.

Exposed sink legs are highly versatile and, because they are available in a wide variety of finishes, really let you create a custom look. When you choose sink legs that imitate exposed pipe, it can give the perfect vintage touch to your bathroom.

Get as creative as you'd like with this type of sink. Perhaps a traditional stop top with an undermount sink? What about a true vintage China sink placed on color-matching pipe legs? Play around with colors and hardware finishes to find which combination really speaks to you.

And if your bathroom is on the small side, using sink legs will make the room seem much more open and large compared to a bulky vanity.

Vintage Style Faucets Are a Must-Have Statement



No vintage style bathroom is complete without a matching faucet. Your sink makes a huge statement, so if you can choose only one thing to update in your bathroom, get that new faucet first.

Any style you’re attempting to create, from Victorian to Art Deco, has a faucet style to match. Look for 8-inch, widespread faucets in a finish that will complement the rest of the metal fixtures in the room, especially the shower and tub.

For a 1920s look, consider a bright, polished chrome with a low spout and decorative handle. Leaning more towards a classic Victorian style? Look for a high, Victorian spout with porcelain lever handles. This elegant design will complement any vintage bathroom with ease.



Create Your Perfect Vintage Bathroom Design

Installing exposed pipe shower fixtures will make a huge impact when transforming an otherwise ordinary bathroom into one with a vintage style.

As you outfit your bathroom with new hardware, don't forget about matching accessories, like towel holders and light fixtures. You can even take things a step further by replacing exposed valves and your toilet's flush handle with complementing hardware as well.

Exposed Thermostatic Shower Set


There are few interior designs as imaginative and delightful as a vintage bathroom. The vintage style really doesn't have hard rules which means you can get as creative as you'd like. Don't be afraid to step outside of the box and experiment with vintage-inspired fixtures, such as the Elan Vital Collection from Watermark Designs.