8 Decorative Shower Heads You’ll Love



The shower head may not be the biggest addition to your bathroom design, but it is one of the most important. Shower heads are integral to every full bathroom, whether you have a traditional shower head, a handheld shower or a rain shower head. And while all shower heads serve the same purpose, they can come in a range of styles.

Some styles can change the way that water is delivered. Others have no impact on water delivery but can have a big impact on your design. The best designs coordinate your shower head with the rest of the bathroom’s style.

Matching your shower head to your overall bathroom design not only gives you a cohesive look but can also elevate your design from good to spectacular.

1. Handheld With Style



Many showers have hand showers as a secondary option that works with your primary, traditional shower head. Handheld units make it easier for people with mobility issues to shower, give more options for how you shower and can make cleaning children, pets or the shower itself easier as well.

Having a hand shower does not mean needing to sacrifice style for function, though. The stylish hand shower in this image matches the repeating cylinders produced by the shower pipes and handles for a playful and cohesive design.

2. Square Escutcheon



Rain and deluge shower heads are popular for the larger amount of water they produce. While the majority of these shower heads are found in a rounded shape, that doesn’t mean you can’t find one outside (or in this case, inside) the box.

This shower head extends outward from the ceiling on a long pipe that matches the bar for the hand shower. It also has a square escutcheon to match the shower head, bringing the design together. And for some additional cohesion, the finish on the rain shower head, escutcheon and hand shower all coordinate with the finish on the tub faucet and handles. Talk about a well thought-out design.

3. Dual Heads



Sometimes repeating designs are perfect for completing a design statement. In this case, why have one shower head when you can have two?

This beautiful walk-in shower showcases two beautiful antique brass rounded shower heads with their matching rounded handles. The pattern is repeated on the tub with the circular, brass escutcheon and elegantly arched faucet. This bathroom proves that you can’t have too much of a good thing.

4. Triple Play



The options in this shower are numerous. There’s a traditional six jet shower head mounted on the wall, controlled by its own volume valve. Nearby is a contemporary hand shower with a sleek design mounted on an adjustable bar. Finally, a flat ceiling mounted shower head completes the design.

With each shower head having its own volume control, you can customize where and how much water you receive. No matter your client’s preference, this bathroom has you covered.

5. Unconventional Options



Like the aforementioned triple-play bathroom, this room makes sure every option is covered, while still providing a beautiful, cohesive design. It features a rain shower head for times when you want to feel like you are under a waterfall, a traditional shower head for users who prefer an arced flow, and a hand shower that’s perfect when you need more focused water direction.

And by utilizing the beautiful brass finish throughout the room, on each of the shower heads, the tub faucet and the sink faucets, the room feels unified.

6. Exposed Shower



If you like the industrial look in your bathroom, consider an exposed shower unit. This one-piece unit contains the valves, pipes and shower head all in one set.

The contemporary, flat shower head along with the rosy, polished finish keep this set from becoming too industrial or old fashioned and helps provide a more contemporary flare. The entire combination makes for a stunning focal piece in this design.

7. Ceiling-Mounted Rain Shower Heads



For indulgent, spa-like bathrooms, ceiling-mounted rain shower heads are a necessity. This oversized version comes straight down from the ceiling, providing a relaxing flow of water to not only cleanse but to leave its users feeling pampered and fresh.

The rounded escutcheon, rounded handheld unit and circular, recessed lighting provide a cohesive look for the bathroom’s hardware, while the sharp angles of the tub ties in with the sharp angles of the tile. This design proves you can make a perfect marriage of sharp and soft angles, with stunning success.

8. Long Ceiling Mount



Sometimes a more minimal look is desired in the shower. Sleek tile walls and a hand shower without a bar help keep things looking uncluttered. To add to that, the main shower head is mounted on the ceiling, rather than on the wall.

Because the ceilings are so high, an extra long pipe is used to bring the shower head down to a reasonable level. This keeps the design minimal while making the shower more functional at the same time.

The Finishing Touch

Shower heads are a great way to continue design themes within your space. With all of the options available today, why settle with the ordinary?

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