March 2nd, 2022

27 Brilliant Bridge Faucet Design Ideas

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When looking for a design element that’s unique yet classic, a bridge faucet is a fantastic addition to any kitchen or bathroom. This type of faucet is the epitome of form and function blended seamlessly — and visually!

A bridge faucet comprises two handles, one for hot water and the other for cold water. The two handles are connected by a horizontal pipe. Instead of being hidden beneath the countertop, the pipe is visible above it. This exposed pipe acts as a bridge where the two temperatures of water meet.

And here at Watermark Designs, we offer the classic and beautiful bridge faucet in various different collections. To help give you inspiration for your bathroom or kitchen design, we’ve compiled a list of the top 27 modern design ideas for this elegant fixture of a bygone age!

1. An Industrial Firehouse

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An aged brass bridge bathroom faucet with stamped temperatures on the handles elevates any bathroom to the next level. With this industrial style from our Elan Vital collection, this faucet adds a special yet timeless touch to a sink.

2. Golden Elegance

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This elegant kitchen faucet shines with matching hardware on matte green cabinets. When you want a piece that highlights your trendy designs, you can’t beat a golden faucet from our Paris collection.

3. Amplify Baths With Beautiful Designs

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Bridge faucets can go beyond just sinks — they can also be used for freestanding bathtub faucets. This cozy bathroom design added a touch of sophistication by incorporating this spectacular bridge faucet from our Elements collection in a matte black finish.

4. Simplicity with Textured Backsplash

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This bridge kitchen faucet from our Loft 2.0 collection doesn’t even let the sun steal its shine. With clean, modern lines and a gun metal finish, this fixture is sure to stand out and command against the imperfect, earthy tiling.

5. Delicate Details

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Step back in time with classic materials and aesthetics. This blue clawfoot bathtub features our beautifully detailed bridge faucet from our Stratford collection to recreate a vintage, tranquil bathroom.

6. Ultimate Relaxation and Sophistication

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This tub blends relaxation and sophistication perfectly. This Gramercy bridge faucet in unlacquered natural brass allows you to get lost in the beauty of this design while enjoying the calm vibes this bathroom exudes.

7. Simple and Stunning

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If you have an all-white kitchen that needs a touch color, this faucet from our Blue collection in satin PVD brass provides a pleasing warmth. It’s the perfect complement to any neutral design, and this faucet’s elegant body doesn’t overcrowd the sink area.

8. Keeping it Casual

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Sometimes, a classic touch is just what you need to create the bathroom of your dreams. A baby blue retro sink takes you back in time with the help of bright white and chrome detailing of the minimalist bridge faucet.

9. High Polish Isn’t Outdated

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The polish of the bridge kitchen faucet gives a jaw-dropping look when paired with a marbled countertop, providing iridescence and color-shifting from all angles. This faucet in our Ebony finish elevates this design in a luxurious way.

10. Update Normality

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Vintage copper gives an industrial boost to an otherwise-seamless countertop. Complete with a handsome reddish hue, this fixture offers a grandiose update to typical modern setups.

11. Room for Two

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A bridge faucet with an independent sprayer in polished brass makes this earthy room shine. Pair it with a deep, farmhouse-style sink for maximum aesthetic appeal, and add some green plants or bright flowers for a pop of color.

12. Sleek in Every Location

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Luxury doesn’t have to be complicated. This simple bridge faucet is the perfect partner for a minimal hemispheric water basin.

13. Be BOLD

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With this matte black shower faucet with neutral surroundings, you’ll be raving about this bathroom design for years to come. For a modern style, you can’t go wrong with a black bridge faucet that compliments an intriguing wallpaper design.

14. A Golden Throne

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With dark marble surrounding a brass faucet and decor, this room is truly luxurious. The storminess of the marbling pairs well with the opulent bite of the bridge faucet. In addition, the wood wall behind the faucet adds an extra layer of texture to the space.

15. A True Modern Marble

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Looking to make a statement? Marble countertops and a 3D backsplash pair perfectly with a sleek chrome bridge faucet and pull-down sprayer.

16. The Cool of Steely Nickel

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Earthy swirls on the backsplash capture the eye, which makes this aged nickel faucet the perfect accent. For a subtle, industrial style, nickel breathes life into any bathroom.

17. Classic White and Black Punctuated by Bronze

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When paired with a deep gold basin, this matte black bridge faucet and basin stand is the setup for a classic white and black theme. The bronzed basin punctuates the aesthetic and brings something new to a classic. For exposed pipes and smaller bathrooms, this simple setup offers maximum appeal.

18. Ingenious Industrial

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A shower with impeccable tile work and brass detailing never looked so good. With a wide yet slender design, this bridge faucet is a stunning addition to this stylish, modern bathroom.

19. Rustic Victorian

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Natural elements, including the overt piping of the bridge faucet and the wooden sink vanity, give this bathroom a dark, moody vibe. Pair the classic aged bronze with a mirror to match for ultimate luxury.

20. Bronze Bridge Bathroom Faucet Meets Terracotta

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Didn’t think earthy could meet industrial in harmony? Think again. This vintage copper bridge faucet adds a comfortable certainty to the earthy elements of the terracotta-like basin.

21. Mid-Century Modern Meets Marble

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Dark swirled tile gives this mid-century modern sink all of the attention it deserves, especially when it’s topped with a timeless brass bridge faucet. The matching brass hardware on the vanity ties this look together for ultimate design appeal.

22. Modern Matte

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Subway tile looks sleek with this aged-brass faucet adding the perfect touch to the modern sink. Let your sink steal the show with a stunning bridge faucet.

23. Back in Bronze

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Does a bronze finish ever get old? Bronze features on a light wood wall give a striking look to this space. With a handsome bronze finish added to a bridge faucet, you can spice up any bathroom design with this elegant and timeless style.

24. A Turquoise Dream

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Wood cabinets, a farmhouse sink, and jaw-dropping counters and backsplash make the perfect place for this green patina faucet. Add a pop of color to a neutral kitchen for perfect palette appeal.

25. Timeless Brass in Any Location

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Adding an aged brass bridge faucet is an easy way to add a luxurious feel to any sink design. Pair it with a gorgeous yet simple white countertop for ultimate appeal.

26. Bridge Dark and Light

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A minimal white countertop and wood base make the perfect place for an aged brass beauty to get to work. Add in some dark accent walls, and you’ll love the dramatic effect where the faucet takes its rightful place at the center.

27. A Faucet for Each and a Basin to Share

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Dual gold faucets stand out as they both flow into the same large basin. Accented with a matching gold in the tile, the room offers a sense of balance and harmony.

Deliver Elegance and Tone with a Bridge Faucet

Besides being a change of pace from the standard, a bridge faucet truly captures the spirit and essence of a bygone age. As aesthetics shift and we find new fascination with the elegant ways of old, a bridge faucet can make any number of statements mixed into contemporary or even abstract aesthetic design.

The various options from Watermark provide the highest quality in function and craftsmanship while providing aesthetic opportunities to match any of the great designs employed by the modern aesthetic. Contact us today for help with choosing the ideal bridge faucet to complete your design.