How INC Architecture & Design Elevated Brooklyn’s “Contemporary Identity”


Travelers passing through New York have another great lodging option thanks to INC. In February 2017, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge opened its doors to the public.

The hotel’s highly anticipated opening did not disappoint, offering guests beautiful views with a warm, welcoming interior. Its design integrated Brooklyn’s “contemporary identity” with the waterfront’s “historic, hardworking roots.” This combination promoted the neighborhood’s brand in stunning fashion, showcasing the best Brooklyn has to offer.

Featured on and well-before its opening, the hotel overlooks Brooklyn Bridge Park, the East River and lower Manhattan. This project also won several prestigious awards:

  • The Boutique Design Gold Key Award in 2017 for both Best Eco-Conscious or Socially Conscious Hotel 2017 and Best Guest Room Luxury 2017.
  • The Best of Year Award for Domestic Boutique Hotel in 2017.
  • The Hotel NYCXDesign Award in 2018.
  • The AHEAD Award for Urban Hotel - New Build in 2017.
  • The Hospitality Design Award for Best Sustainable Project in 2017.

Combining Quality With Customization

INC’s mentality for this project was “Think Globally. Design Locally.” INC wanted to connect 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park with its surrounding community. That mentality called for a company with high-quality products.

The designers chose to work with Watermark because of the products’ “quality and customization,” saying these two characteristics are the most important when deciding on a manufacturer. Because they were working toward a nature-centric hotel that reflects Brooklyn’s brand, INC’s design team needed an “innovative” manufacturer.



In order to provide INC with the customization needed for such a unique project, the designers choose Watermark’s Brooklyn 31 Faucet for 1 Hotel. The result was an interior that complimented the city’s aesthetic, without compromising quality.

Regionally Focused

“Watermark is easy to work with,” one designer said. “They are a regional company that manufactures locally, which is an invaluable asset when it comes to service and maintenance.”

Designing a luxury hotel with a local, nature-oriented brand isn’t an easy task. In fact, the project called for a specific aesthetic, which meant the maintenance team had to be available to service the hotel whenever needed.

That’s why INC turned to Watermark. called the hotel’s interior “artfully sustainable,” making Watermark’s products not only easy to install, but also easy to service without compromising the products’ beauty.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

INC needed accessories in keeping with the regional and natural themes of its properties. That's where Watermark came in.

Watermark was able to implement “creative problem-solving and innovative solutions” in order to help INC achieve its benchmarks.They provided materials and service members who could adjust to the hotel’s needs quickly.

When asked about the benefits of using Watermark products, INC emphasized the service provided along with the materials. The designers loved how Watermark’s products catered to their immediate needs and were customized to fit their unique brand.

Combining Contemporary New York With Nature

A nature-centric hotel in New York City might sound a bit odd, but working toward a welcoming, contemporary hotel in Brooklyn means incorporating the borough’s friendly, neighborhood feel (as opposed to Manhattan’s larger-than-life brand).



That said, constructing the hotel was no easy task. The project called for high-quality accessories able to go with its unique image. Fortunately for INC, Watermark’s Brooklyn 31 collection was able to do exactly that.

Watermark’s team was able to work collaboratively with INC, fostering a flexible approach to the project without losing any aspect of 1 Hotel’s brand identity. The end result was a hotel that blended nature with contemporary Brooklyn and was a beautiful addition to the Borough of Trees.

A Stunning End Result gushed over the hotel’s sustainable, aesthetic design, saying “the brand’s overarching design guidelines offered additional direction. Wood and stone, often reclaimed, feature prominently. So do live eco moments, aka green walls and potted plants.”

Creating a hotel that is able to complement both the growing demand for sustainable design and glamorous housing was certainly a challenge for INC. But with Watermark’s help, the design team was able to retain the Brooklyn identity while satisfying global trends.



Watermark’s products not only offered a high-quality solution for INC, they allowed for flexibility and customization to help the designers achieve a unique brand. With accessories that added to Brooklyn’s local image and allowed a flexible, customizable process, INC achieved its goal of designing the perfect global-yet-local facility.