Be Original: The Significance of Authentic Faucet Design

Watermark Be Original Image 2

Manufacturers can help designers create not just trendy, but lasting designs by giving them authentic products and materials that create impact.

Watermark Designs is so committed to original, elegant design that they partnered with Be Original Americas, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and celebrating original design creations. Be Original works with and educates manufacturers and design professionals “on the economic, ethical, and environmental value of authentic design while preserving and investing in its future.”

Designers can create more inspired, lasting spaces when the manufacturers they use are dedicated to authentic, one-of-a-kind design.

But those choices don’t just result in beautiful spaces. Selecting authentic products and materials is crucial for the future of our industry, and fosters a more sustainable and vibrant design culture. Here’s how they make this possible.

Design With Integrity



The sleek lines in the contemporary bathroom design above give the space a clean, almost stark feeling. But Watermark’s signature Brooklyn collection features these wheel-inspired handles and curved faucet to soften the look.

Details like this don’t just make a design pop, they create a lasting impression — and a look that’s often copied by other brands.

Renowned architecture and design firm, Gensler (also a member of Be Original), spoke to the importance of creating original products and enforcing design integrity in the industry.

“Our firm has its own product design practice area,” said Kenneth P. Baker, Co-Managing Principal at Gensler. “[A]nd since we’re putting the time, resources and energy into designing new and innovative products for our clients, we don’t want our products to be reproduced by other manufacturers looking to profit off our hard work.”

By choosing these kinds of original products, designers create more demand for authentic, premium-quality solutions from manufacturers dedicated to design integrity.

Authentic Design Encourages Durability



Part of Be Original’s mission is to encourage the creation of products that provide functional and versatile solutions for their customers’ designs: Solutions that will meet a variety of demands and that can endure over time.

“Investing in original design pays off,” according to Be Original’s core principals. “It keeps its value, is more durable and ages with beauty.”

The industrial inspiration behind this faucet design combines rustic, vintage details with elegant polish, for a look clients won’t forget. And it comes in a variety of finishes so designers can give any space a more personal touch. The handle trim features custom, bold lettering to make an even bigger statement, no matter how small your space might be.

These details offer any bathroom design quality and functionality and offer designers a starting point for impressive, time-tested beauty in their design.

Versatile Solutions That Stand Up Over Time

Watermark’s original designs don’t just work in bathrooms: They offer stylish solutions for kitchens, too. The kitchen sink area below features thoughtfully-placed wheel-style handles and a convenient side spray option for design-conscious homeowners.



The Brooklyn collection also comes in a spectrum of color options and finishes, for whatever statement you want to make in your design.

Original design encourages progress in the industry. Designers can ensure this kind of success by working with manufacturers that recognize the need for original solutions that will not only stand up over time, but that can adapt to a variety of client needs.

Watermark’s Elan Vital collection also offers solutions for the kitchen, like the wall-mounted pot filler featured below. The style and functionality that’s packed into this faucet design offer a space the personality and impact that homeowners dream of.



Make Your Mark With Original Design

Be Original reminds us that “by purchasing authentic design, you are investing in the future of design.”

By selecting distinctive, original products and materials in your projects, you’ll create more successful projects, support the creators in our industry and ensure the longevity of the design industry.

If you’re interested in more authentic design and being a part of innovation in our industry, check out Be Original. It’s a program “that support[s] creativity and authenticity in order to invest in the future of design, incentivize innovation and give back to the industry and the people it serves.”

We’re proud to be a member, along with some other amazing leaders in the industry.

Looking to add distinctive appeal to your bathroom or kitchen design? Check out more of our original designs and collections to inspire your next project.