Watermark Ripple

Watermark Designs has always strived to support its local community. Brooklyn, New York has helped make us the proud business we are today, and for nearly 50 years, we’ve entrenched ourselves in this wonderful and diverse borough.

That’s why we’re working diligently within our own industry to address issues surrounding unemployment, underemployment and employment scarcity among youth and recent graduate populations.

With Coronavirus forcing colleges and universities to go virtual, some potential students are deciding if it’s worth paying tens of thousands of dollars to attend class from home. Other youths know college is not the right choice for them, but are unsure what other options are available. That’s why we’re working with non-profit organizations that help kids find the best employment option for them — including learning skilled trades, something this country desperately needs.

We’re dedicated to helping the K&B world train new workers to fill these necessary gaps, instead of trying to import skilled workers from abroad. By helping kids get the experience and training they need, no matter their education level, we can help put them on the right path to success in their lives, so they don’t mount up school debt before they’re 20.

Our youths need steady jobs, and to get those jobs, they need the right skills. Our country needs skilled trade workers in the current worker shortage. Let’s do something about these problems.

Let’s work together to make long-lasting change. Let’s make a Ripple.

Who We're Working With:

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