Sales Terms and Conditions

Buyer agrees to accept the goods and pay for them in accordance with the terms of this contract.

Buyer agrees to pay for the goods, plus any shipping charges at the time they are ordered by either MasterCard or Visa. If goods are to replace defective product, the cost of the goods will be debited back to buyer’s credit card, less any shipping charges, once the defective product and proof of purchase have been received by Watermark Designs and has been deemed as such. Watermark Designs has 30 business days to issue any such debit. Any product deemed not defective or not accompanied with proof of purchase will not be issued any debit. Buyer will then have 30 days to request said goods to be returned at Buyer’s expense.

Goods shall be deemed received by buyer when delivered to address of buyer as herein described. Until such time as said goods have been received by buyer, all risk of loss from any casualty to said goods shall be on seller.

Buyer has the right to examine the goods on arrival and has 5 days to notify seller of any claim for damages on account of the condition, grade or quality of the goods. That said notice must specifically set forth the basis of his claim, and that his failure to either notice seller within the stipulated period of time or to set forth specifically the basis of his claim will constitute irrevocable acceptance of the goods.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that returned products are insured for your purchase price. All items for credit must be returned to the below address within 90 days of the above date.

Watermark Designs will not be liable for any labor or other expenses or for damages of any kind or nature incurred in connection with the sale, use, or replacement of any defective products or parts or portions thereof. Watermark Designs neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any other liabilities in connection with the sale or use of its products.