Why the Most Upscale Hotels Choose Elite Plumbing Fixtures

Eden roc miami beach main pool


When you enter a luxury hotel, ready for a weekend of relaxation or focused on the business trip ahead, it’s unlikely that you’re thinking about the bathroom faucets.

But, luckily for you, the designers were.

Each element is carefully chosen to help luxury hotels achieve their goal of design perfection, where nothing seems out of place or in disharmony with the rest of the room. According to Architectural Digest, “While travelers often choose a hotel based on five-star dining, luxurious spas, convenient locations, or even dreamy beds, the hotel bathroom is one amenity that is often overlooked.”

Elite plumbing fixtures, while not something that people generally think about when choosing a luxury hotel, have the power to elevate an upscale bathroom and create an unforgettable experience for the guest.

Watermark’s designs are the epitome of luxury fixtures and their bespoke collections have been included in some of the most upscale hotels around the world, including the Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai; the NoMad Hotel, New York, NY; and the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach, FL.

Customized Luxury in the Ritz-Carlton

Luxury hotels pride themselves on the customization of their designs and the one-of-a-kind experience they create for their guests. For instance, walking into the Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai creates a very different experience than walking into a standard chain hotel that looks the same whether you’re in New Mexico or New Hampshire.



The opulent, sparkling chandeliers, clean lines, and modern furniture inspire peace and serenity, a respite from the bustling city around it. This customized look and experience is carried throughout the entire hotel, including into the bathrooms, through the choice of unique hotel plumbing fixtures.

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Serenity in Eden Roc

The Eden Roc in Miami Beach brings the calm serenity of the ocean into its hotel rooms, making sure that the focus is on the incredible views and soft ocean breezes. Elite plumbing fixtures ensure that this quiet luxury is felt throughout the entire room, including the bathroom.



Maintaining Identity in 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

For a perfect example of how customized luxury hotel fixtures can complete a hotel’s design, look no further than 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, located in the home of Watermark: Brooklyn, NY. Designed by INC Architecture & Design, this hotel aims to bring nature inside, maintaining “Brooklyn’s ‘contemporary identity’ while blending it “with the waterfront’s ‘historic, hardworking roots.’”



This goal was achieved through a variety of design decisions. Large wood blocks act as a table where books and plants reside next to each other. Contemporary furniture is nestled under living walls where greenery breathes life into the room. And concrete walls juxtapose the warm wood floors.



To further customize the upscale hotel, INC worked with Watermark to design custom faucets that became the Brooklyn 31 Collection. This line of faucets that takes its cue from mid-century gate valves common in the apartment blocks of a bygone Brooklyn allowed INC to pull all of their design elements together into one that honors the borough, both past and present.

And unlike some hotels, the Brooklyn Bridge uses the same custom faucets in the public spaces along with the private rooms, for a cohesive design throughout the entire hotel.


The hotel also included the custom faucets inset in the wall along with a pitcher and glasses in order to reduce water bottle waste. This custom solution is a highly creative and innovative way to bring environmentally-friendly solutions to high-waste locations, such as hotels.

Even More Inspiration

If you want even more inspiration, check out these images from the Knickerbocker Hotel in NYC.

Lobby 131024Knick Sept2013 D 027 UpdateKnick Sept2013 F 015 Update

Or check out these images from the Belmond Eagle Island Lodge in Botswana.

Belmond Basin Area 01Belmond Bath Area 01Belmond Bath Area 01

Durability and Strength

Luxury hotel fixtures have to withstand constant use, so it’s essential they are durable. This is another reason that upscale hotels choose to incorporate elite plumbing fixtures into their designs: They can hold up to daily use for years.

The quality craftsmanship that goes into creating a Watermark faucet is unparalleled and instrumental in creating luxury fixtures that will stand up to the high traffic usage. The hardware and finishes used in Watermark faucets are handcrafted and each faucet is hand-assembled and individually tested.

Unlike mass-manufactured faucets that use plastic that wears down in a relatively short amount of time, the durability of elite plumbing fixtures makes them the obvious choice to be used in upscale hotels. After all, guests don’t want to wait for a broken sink faucet to be fixed. Elite faucets ensure hotels can maintain a high level of service.

While cost is always at the forefront of design, upscale hotels know that they have to weigh the initial cost against the future costs of maintenance and replacement. According to Hotel Management, “A less-expensive fixture may save money in the short-term but break down faster as handles loosen or leaks develop.”

Dedication to details

Choosing the right faucet that captures a hotel’s aesthetic is no easy task. With countless finishes and styles to choose from, choosing faucets can be a challenge.

Good designers know that their dedication to detail can mean the difference between a relaxing spa-like stay or mounting stress as guests wait for maintenance.

Whether you want to create a contrast between a sleek modern tub and industrial fixtures from the stripped-down Elan Vital 38 Collection



...or create drama with an ornate faucet that captures European flair from the Venetian 180 Collection

Venetian Photo 2 1


...or embrace minimalism with the simple Elements 21 Collection...



...elite plumbing fixtures can put the finishing touches on any bathroom interior design.

With their combination of high-quality craftsmanship and intentional design, our faucets complement a wide variety of designs and aesthetics. Choosing the right faucet not only pulls a design together but also ensures durability and strength for the life of the faucet.

Upscale hotels choose every element of their design intentionally and this intention includes bathroom fixtures. Upscale plumbing fixtures will round out the bathroom design, and choosing custom faucets goes a long way to ensuring a perfect guest experience.

And if you want to take your hotel faucets to the next level and help the environment at the same time, consider installing automatic faucets. Automatic faucets are a great way to conserve energy and water. Many municipalities, including New York City, have limitations on how much water can be used per cycle in a public sink. An automatic faucet helps regulate water use, keeping costs down and reducing demand on municipal water treatment facilities.

If you are looking for the perfect faucet for your upscale hotel, contact Watermark Designs to have a custom faucet made, just for you. Or you can check out our Faucet Designer to see the millions of options available.