November 2nd, 2021

Why Should I Convince My Client to Invest in Luxury Faucets?

Why Should I Convince My Client to Invest in Luxury Faucets


The faucet chosen for your client’s bathroom or kitchen design can make a bigger impact than you might realize. Even with a smaller budget, including a luxury faucet in a kitchen remodel or bathroom build, can deliver tons of style. In addition, working with the right fixtures and a high-quality manufacturer ensures the project’s success.

However, it’s not just about the look. There are a few benefits that come with using luxury products.

The Benefits of Building With Luxury Faucets

There are plenty of budget-friendly faucet options available today, but choosing a high-end bathroom or kitchen product can help guarantee the longevity of a design. Cheaper products made of plastic and on assembly lines can wear out quickly after just a few years of use.

But today’s consumer wants more from their experience — yes, even in the bathroom. According to Architectural Digest, “While travelers often choose a hotel based on five-star dining, luxurious spas, convenient locations or even dreamy beds, the hotel bathroom is one amenity that is often overlooked.”

When a space is intentionally designed, down to the last detail, visitors to that space will notice. And when designers work with carefully crafted fixtures in frequently-visited spaces, those details can make a serious impression — especially if those products are made sustainably and customized for the project.

While the upfront cost of a luxury faucet might turn off some clients, discerning customers will understand the impact of a high-performing product.

Help Your Clients Get the Experience They Deserve

Marie Kondo said, “The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

There are many factors that play into the materials that we build with, and oftentimes, the biggest determinant is budget. However, cutting corners on a design won’t do your client any favors.

It’s important to talk to your clients about the various benefits of luxurious designs. Here are some topics to go over with them to ensure they get everything they want out of their bathroom or kitchen design.

Go Custom

A luxury faucet in your bathroom or kitchen has the power to make a statement, especially when that product is customized and complements the design.

“Because the pandemic has limited our choices in many ways, the appeal of custom, made-to-order furniture and decor has increased significantly,” says Amanda Lauren for Forbes.

Work With Sustainable Products

More and more customers want to know that the materials they work with are environmentally responsible.

We’re proud to have worked with some of the world's finest architects and designers to create spaces that use sustainable plumbing fixtures to leave a smaller carbon footprint with their designs. Watermark consistently develops new products with water-saving features and uses environmentally safe manufacturing processes to create those products.

Work With a Reliable Manufacturer

The benefit of working with a manufacturer like Watermark is that we work closely with clients on their projects, especially on custom designs. This attention to detail and our dedication to service helps to support a smooth and successful design project for everyone involved.

Faucet Design Ideas to Inspire You

Architects and designers have used Watermark luxury faucets in kitchen and bathroom projects around the world. From Miami Beach to Shanghai, these high-end designs feature faucets that are more than just traditional plumbing fixtures.

Balancing Style and Convenience

Balancing Style and Convenience


Custom faucet designs can elevate the look of your kitchen space, whether you’re designing a residential or commercial space. The kitchen faucet above is from our Loft 2.0 collection; It features an oil-rubbed bronze finish and adds a handsome, modern touch to this classy kitchen space. A pot-filler faucet was also installed over the stove as an extra convenience and to make cooking meals easier for the homeowners.

Touchless Factor

Touchless Factor


Walking into the Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai is a much different experience than visiting the same brand of hotel in America. Details like the faucet style, color palette and flooring help create a unique experience.

Using a touchless faucet design adds to the feel of contemporary luxury in this hotel bathroom space, and this type of faucet can help to keep spaces more sanitary by preventing the spread of germs.

Gorgeous in Gold

Gorgeous in Gold


“A room where everything gets equal importance will seem either scattered or boring. You need an anchor,” writes Abe Abbas for The Spruce. “In a room that lacks such a built-in point of interest, you can create one through groupings of furniture or using an unusual or large piece.”

This smart and shiny brass faucet and handle design from Watermark’s Paris collection elevates the simplicity of the all-white background in this bathroom and certainly adds visual interest to the space.

Whether you’re designing a room that feels more traditional or want a modern aesthetic, the faucet style you work with can offer solutions for stand-out design. Even the smallest change in a space can make a difference by adding just the right amount of detail.

Work With Watermark Faucets

When you design with luxury faucets in your bathroom or kitchen, you help to create more memorable experiences for all users.

We support architects and designers who need luxury, custom options for faucets and solutions for their projects. We work with residential and commercial architects everywhere to design beautiful spaces, including custom designs, around the world.

Check out our configurator to help visualize the perfect luxury faucet for your next design.