Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Touchless Kitchen Faucet 1

Do you remember the first time you used a touchless faucet? It was probably in a public restroom, and you most likely found yourself wondering what kind of witchcraft you had stumbled upon. Or perhaps you looked at your hands, wondering at your power to turn on water without laying a hand on the faucet...

As technology has advanced and become more accessible, touchless faucets have become a facet of everyday life. They have even made their way into residential kitchens, and the magic once reserved for commercial bathrooms is now available at home.


How Do Touchless Faucets Work?

Watermark’s touchless faucets are proximity faucets that respond to the presence of your hands under the spout. They utilize a sensor kit installed under the sink or behind the wall to achieve a touchless faucet.

The faucet’s spout is the sensor, so when you place your hand under the faucet, the water automatically turns on. When you remove your hands, the water shuts of. This seamless integration of touchless technology can be integrated into any Watermark faucet of your choice.

Watermark’s touchless faucets can also be equipped with a metering function that automatically turns the water off after a set amount of time. This helps to avoid wasting water when a faucet is turned on — and left on — manually.

The touchless faucet control system uses an off-the-shelf battery, eliminating the need to hardwire the faucet. With an expected life span of two years, based on 150 uses per day, and a low battery indicator, changing the battery is easy, allowing you to enjoy your faucet day after day and wash after wash without running up your electric bill.

Our touchless faucet can run water at a preset temperature, or you can integrate a valve into the design that allows you to adjust the temperature of the water manually.

Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Touchless Kitchen Faucet 2

Benefits of Upgrading Your Kitchen With a Touchless Faucet

Watermark offers the best touchless kitchen faucets that have a variety of benefits for your health, convenience and style.

Works With Any Faucet: In the past, touchless faucet design options have been limited. When you think of a touchless faucet, you probably think of the faucets in public restrooms that essentially all look the same.

Now, you can choose any luxury deck-mounted or wall-mounted Watermark faucet and have it turned into a touchless faucet during installation. This allows your kitchen design to be both beautiful and functional.

Hygienic: Touching surfaces leaves behind germs that can be transferred to others who also touch that surface. Incorporating a touchless faucet into your kitchen design means that there is one less surface to touch, reducing the amount of germ transfer.

Conserve Water: Touchless faucets can be metered to turn off automatically after a set amount of time. This helps to conserve water if the faucet is accidentally left running.

Cleaning Is Easy: Cleaning a touchless faucet can be difficult if the water is continually turning on and off each time your hand is near the sensor, so we designed a faucet that is easy to clean. With the touch of a button, the water can be turned off for cleaning and turned back on when you’re done.

Auto-Rinse Feature: Watermark faucets include an auto-rinse feature that flushes out the faucet periodically. This is perfect for homes in colder climates where pipes have a tendency to freeze. This feature also prevents water from becoming stagnant in low-use areas and reduces the potential for standing water to breed waterborne bacteria.

Touchless Kitchen Faucet Styles

Minimal Beauty

Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Touchless Kitchen Faucet 3

Keeping lines clean achieves a beautiful minimalist look for a touchless kitchen faucet.

A Valve Adds Control

Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Touchless Kitchen Faucet 4

For more temperature control, Watermark touchless kitchen faucets can include a valve that allows you to control the hot and cold water output. This feature is perfect for residential homes where temperature needs vary based on the task and who is using the faucet.

Streamlined Style

Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Touchless Kitchen Faucet 5

The preset temperature feature on a touchless kitchen faucet eliminates the need for valves. If you’re looking for a streamlined style with temperature-controlled efficiency, look no further than Watermark’s touchless faucets.

Industrial Design

Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Touchless Kitchen Faucet 6

Industrial fixtures can complement a wide variety of styles from contemporary to modern farmhouse. By incorporating an industrial style touchless faucet, it will achieve a truly unique look and feel.

Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Touchless Kitchen Faucet 7

A Sophisticated Kitchen

No matter your style and design, Watermark offers the best touchless kitchen faucets. Luxury faucets and a wide variety of finishes ensure that you’ll find the perfect style for your sophisticated kitchen design.

Reach out today for more information on the touchless faucet system that’s best for your space.