June 8th, 2021

The Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets in 2022

The Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets in 2021 1

The best touchless bathroom faucets provide a host of benefits: From reducing the spread of germs to keeping pipes from freezing in cold weather, touchless faucets are the perfect blend of form and function. Utilizing a touchless faucet for your bathroom will complete the design with the ultimate functionality.

Touchless faucets have been a staple in commercial bathrooms for quite some time, and many of the features that make the best commercial touchless bathroom faucets can now be found in residential bathrooms.

Choosing the best touchless bathroom faucet means taking a variety of factors into account. Watermark’s touchless faucets include all of the following features, making them the ideal choice for your bathroom design.

Design Flexibility

The Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets in 2022 2


The downside of standard touchless faucets has been that they are usually limited to only a few styles and finishes. However, Watermark has made sure that it is no longer the case thanks to the use of capacitive technology.

Our automatic touchless faucets use a sensor kit built into the spout, so there’s no need for an unattractive infrared sensor. Not only can this sensor kit be used with any faucet and finish, but it can also work as a touch-on/touch-off model or be truly touchless as a proximity faucet.

There is nothing worse than creating the perfect bathroom design and choosing the perfect faucet only to find out that it doesn’t have the desired capabilities that you want and need. With the sensor kit from Watermark, you can choose a beautiful faucet from any of our unique collections.

Features a Cleaning Mode



Whether you choose an automatic touch faucet or the truly touchless proximity model, our faucets come with an automatic shut-off feature. This way, if you walk away or forget to turn the faucet off, the faucet will turn itself off before the sink overflows or you waste too much water. This money-saving feature of a Watermark touchless faucet is especially important in places like California, which has passed laws to establish a standard amount of water used per person per day in an effort to promote water conservation.

The best touchless bathroom faucet comes with temperature control, which means that no water will be wasted trying to toggle the knobs and find the ideal temperature. Automatic faucets usually run water at a pre-set temperature, but Watermark touchless faucets can be integrated with a valve that allows you to adjust the temperature based on your needs.

Reduces the Spread of Germs

The Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets in 2022 5


Germ mitigation is a primary concern in any bathroom, and even more so now in the wake of COVID-19. Touchless faucets, or faucets that only need a light touch to turn on and off, help to reduce the number of surfaces that are touched, and therefore reduces the transmission of germs. You may not need to touch them, but you can still stare starry-eyed at the handles of this Elements Collection faucet.

Auto-Rinse Capabilities

The Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets in 2022 6


The best touchless bathroom sink faucet features auto-rinse capabilities. This feature can be used when a faucet has gone an extended period of time without being used.

It is especially useful in colder climates to prevent the pipes from freezing or in bathrooms that don’t get used much, to prevent water from becoming stagnant and breeding bacteria. This feature allows you to keep this stately Elements faucet — and all of our other faucets — pristine.

Multiple Mounting Options

The Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets in 2022 7


Not all bathrooms have the same needs, so multiple mounting options are a must when choosing the best touchless bathroom faucet. Our sensor kit is compatible with nearly every faucet and finish that we design. This gives you an incredible amount of design flexibility, and you won’t find yourself staring at the perfect faucet lamenting its lack of features.

So whether you choose a wall-mount Brooklyn Collection faucet in rustic brass or deck-mounted fixtures from our Zen Collection, you’ll have the features you want and the faucet you love.

The Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets in 2022 8


Choose the Best Touchless Bathroom Faucet

At Watermark, we give you the option to turn any one of our beautiful faucet designs into the best touchless bathroom sink faucet. Your bathroom design won’t be compromised by limited faucet options, and with superior technology and incredible features, bathroom design will never be the same.

Contact Watermark today to choose the perfect touchless faucet for your bathroom design.