Top 7 Bathroom Design Trends for 2020


Bathroom designs combine a unique blend of function and style. After all, the bathroom is one of the areas in the home that gets the most use - and that needs to function perfectly every time. It’s also the place where people get ready for the day and where they go at the end of the day to unwind.

That’s why the bathroom really has to be aesthetically pleasing: to be able to not only motivate but also to relax its user.

Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

Bathroom trends are constantly moving toward that perfect mix of form and function. They need to work well, cut down on your daily routine time and look great doing it. These seven bathroom design trends for 2020 show that balance off to perfection.

1. Metal Tones Throughout



Metallic finishes in the bathroom are nothing new, but using them throughout the space in a variety of tones is. This bathroom features pressed tin-style tiles on the wainscoting, along with a vessel sink in burnished copper. The baseboard and the wall-mounted faucet complete the look with rich, matching dark copper tones.

This metallic trend makes the entire space elegant and interesting without being too dark, as the many metallic finishes help to reflect light.

2. Multi-Showerhead Shower



You can get clean, get comfortable and wash away the cares of the world with this thermostatic shower set. With a variable wall mounted shower head, a rain shower head mounted on the ceiling, and a third, handheld showerhead mounted in the corner, you have plenty of options on how you can use this space.

Each shower head has its own volume control, while the bright red wheel lets you set the perfect temperature with ease. One of the big trends this year is customization, and you can easily achieve that trend with this shower.

3. Contrasting Finish



It’s common in many bathroom designs to find finishes that all have similar tones. For example, in a bathroom like this one with a cool-toned vanity and a white wall, a cool-toned faucet finish like chrome would normally be used.

But newer trends buck this older design with very refreshing results. This bathroom uses a brushed brass faucet instead of a cooler finish, which makes for a contrasting color that really pops, especially next to the dark-toned finish of the shower, which matches the dark tones of the cabinets and the frame of the mirrors.

4. Open Showers

Bathroom Design Trends 2019


Open showers or wet rooms have long been popular in other parts of the world. The trend has hit the U.S. and is beginning to gather a lot of momentum.

Open showers by nature don’t have a curtain or a door. Instead, they can either let the water spray where it will or have a small lip to help keep the water, like this one. Thanks to the lack of curtain, this open shower gets to show off its beautiful herringbone mosaic tile, built-in bench and thermostatic shower valve design.

5. Minimalist Sink Areas



The sink gets a lot of focus in the room, so if it looks crowded or busy, then so will the rest of the space. That’s why many people are embracing the trend of minimalistic sinks.

This bathroom features a sleek, wall hung sink that’s got a wide open basin for better function. Combined with a simplistic, wall mounted faucet that complements the lines of the room, and this trend is sure to become a classic.

6. Industrial Accents



Industrial accents are an incredibly hot trend right now and show no signs of cooling off in 2020. This includes pipe-style faucets, valve style handles and metal finishes that are designed to be taken seriously.

This faucet becomes the focal point of this bathroom design, catching the attention of everyone who walks in with its style and color, making it the ideal bathroom accent.

7. Repeating Shapes



There’s something soothing about seeing the same shapes repeated over and over again. It lends itself to a minimalistic design, a big trend in itself these days. When used in the bathroom, this circular design becomes a playful addition to the decor.

The vessel sink, mirror and handle on the faucet all match in shape, while their different finishes and materials add just enough variation to keep the room interesting. It’s this small variation that helps keep the space from becoming overly matchy, giving it just the right amount of interest instead.

Make Your Bathroom Something Special in 2020

Remember that a trend is something that is designed to have mass appeal for around 10 years or more. Be careful not to confuse this with a fad, which lasts only a season or two. These seven bathroom trends for 2020 are designed to have maximum staying power, enhancing both the function and the style of your bathroom, without needing an update anytime soon.

Whether you choose to completely renovate the room, or you’re just looking for a way to give it a small style boost in the new year, let Watermark Designs help you achieve all your bathroom goals.