The Watermark Mini Thermostatic Valve



Clients want their bathroom to be a retreat, a spa-like environment where they can go to relax and unwind. The colors and finishes you use in your design can help create this ambiance, but it’s also about the small details that are often overlooked.

That’s why we developed mini thermostatic shower valves. They’re not only functional but will enhance the flow of the room, without interruption from large clunky fixtures.

Exceptional Design

With current design trends leaning toward making statements with materials like marble, wood or even concrete, traditionally larger plumbing fixtures are giving way to smaller more minimalist pieces that fade into the larger design.

These trim kits are cleaner and smaller than our original valve trim kits, without sacrificing quality or ease of use. Trim kit dimensions typically range from 3 to 3 ½ inches, making them small enough to virtually disappear and preserve the line of the tile or marble.


And Watermark is pleased to offer over 25 design ranges in both the Heritage and Watermark collections. Each range then offers a wide variety of handles, finishes, and even bold colors. Whether you’re looking for something modern, geometric, classic, or vintage chic, there is a trim kit that will work with your design.

Code Compliance



Adopted plumbing codes in all U.S. states include anti-scald requirements. Watermark’s thermostatic valves and mini thermostatic valves maintain a consistent temperature and pressure in the shower, no matter where else or how much water might be in use in the home.

For added safety, Watermark thermostatic valves also come standard with a safety button to limit water to 100℉ to further protect your client and their family.

With the addition of thermostatic valves with built-in diverters, your client will now be able to a enjoy safe and comfortable experience whether they are using a traditional shower head, hand shower or filling up the bathtub for a relaxing soak.

Simple Installation

Despite its small size, when it comes to installation, the mini thermostatic valve has the same tolerances as the regular Watermark Designs valve, which means it’s just as forgiving to install. So plumbers don’t have to worry about fussy cuts and tight installation. The mini thermostatic valve is designed with forgiveness in mind and doesn’t need a ‘perfect’ cut.

A Green Choice

Because a thermostatic valve brings water up to temperature quickly and keeps it there, it has the added advantage of saving water and saving your client money. Many customers even report being able to turn the water off while washing their hair, and then turning it back on without losing the temperature.

For more information on the complete line of mini thermostatic valves and trim kits, visit the Watermark website.