February 3rd, 2022

Spotlight on Brooklyn: The Team’s Favorite Places to Visit

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Watermark Designs has been a Brooklyn-based manufacturer of plumbing fixtures for more than four decades now. Our designs are inspired by the community and creativity of Brooklyn — a New York City borough that’s home to some of our favorite spots for relaxing, entertaining and connecting.

Here are a few of the best things to do and see in Brooklyn … according to us!

Our Favorite Things to Do in Brooklyn

From art to outdoor fun, there are dozens of ways for visitors and residents to enjoy the busy New York borough of Brooklyn.

Street Art + Walking Tour

There are plenty of museums to visit in New York overall, but the street art and murals around Brooklyn offer plenty of visual delight for anyone who wants to explore our neighborhood on foot. Walking tours are available most days, but you can also explore the area on your own with a self-guided tour.

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Brooklyn Unplugged Tours

Brooklyn House of Wax

The museum at Brooklyn’s House of Wax offers an experience for visitors who want something a little different.


House of Wax

The museum hosts an exhibit of artifacts and curiosities from Castan’s Panopticum, a museum that was first opened in the late 1800s.

“In this exhibition, we attempt to revive and evoke the atmosphere of the Castan's Panopticum. The majority of the waxes you see are drawn from that collection, while additional artifacts are drawn from private collections,” according to the House of Wax website.

Our Favorite Pizza: Giuseppina’s

While Lucali’s has been a long-standing favorite pizzeria in Brooklyn, actually getting into the place can take hours. For a delicious, brick oven pizza dinner without the wait, Giuseppina’s provides guests with the perfect slice and unbeatable service.

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Slice Life - Giuseppina’s

Giuseppina’s was started by the same family who opened Lucali’s, so they definitely know how to make a phenomenal pizza!

Brooklyn-Flavored Outdoor Fun

There are a few ways you can enjoy some fresh air while you’re in Brooklyn, and in addition to walking tours, there are also some impressive sites for visitors to explore.

Main Gate to Green Wood Cemetery

Main Gate to Green-Wood Cemetery - Wikimedia Commons

Green-Wood Cemetery: This is the resting place of a few famous New Yorkers, including Leonard Bernstein and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Once one of New York’s largest attractions, the Green-Wood Cemetery is home to hauntingly beautiful Gothic architecture and mausoleums.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden: This sprawling urban garden features walkways and paths studded with a variety of plants and trees, “inspiring an appreciation and sense of stewardship of the environment” in visitors.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Wikimedia Commons

Brooklyn Bridge Park: The Brooklyn Bridge — along with its waterfront — is a sight to behold and is a favorite attraction for tourists and home-grown New Yorkers alike. Bike tours offer a fun way to see the area, come in affordable packages and make a lovely afternoon date. Brooklyn Bridge Park was recently revitalized following decades of neglect, and it is now home to acres of “rolling hills, riverfront promenades, lush gardens and spectacular city views.”

Fun + Games in NYC

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Royal Palms Venue Photos

Brooklyn is home to a bevy of entertainment venues for anyone who wants to play indoors, as well. Here, you will find a new Brooklyn shuffleboard club, The Royal Palms, which welcomes walk-in customers and groups.

You can practice your ax-throwing skills at a few different establishments around Brooklyn, including Kick Axe, where guests can also pick up tips on throwing from pros.

And for a classic game of pickleball, Court 16 offers indoor courts year-round, if you want to swing by and play a game or two.

The Best of Brooklyn

Our team at Watermark Designs has called Brooklyn home for over three decades, and the city, people and culture have become a part of the work and products we create. We love where we live and hope that it shines through in the services and products that we offer.

Learn more about Watermark and our history, or drop us a line when you’re in town!