Shower Drain Options for Your Designer Bathroom


Every client wants a bathroom oasis. But we all know that designing one is about more than a fancy walk-in shower. It’s about paying attention to every detail, no matter how small, and making every inch incredible.

Shower drains are a detail—dare we say a “grate” detail, that often gets overlooked in a bathroom project. A builder-grade or similar option is functional but won’t provide that oasis feeling your client wants. Instead, use the shower drain as an opportunity to provide that something extra, elevating the look and feel of a space with added craftsmanship and customization.

Watermark Designs offers designer shower drain options in two shapes — linear and square — with a handful of grate styles, plus numerous lengths and up to 24 custom finish options. Plus, all of Watermark’s shower drains use rare earth magnets instead of screws, providing a cleaner look that are easier to clean out.

Designer Shower Drain Ideas

Below, we’re showcasing a few of our designer shower drain options paired with faucets from our line, all in different styles to match any client’s taste.

Modern Luxury



If you’re looking to create a luxurious master bath, crystal and chrome will be your project’s best friends. Thinking brilliant chandelier, plush rug and dark, sultry walls? This look is for you.

Use our Beverly faucet as a jumping off point — its shiny chrome finish with cut crystal knobs create a sink area that’s refined and sophisticated. Then install our model SD1 designer shower drain option to tie it all together. Measuring 5 inches by 5 inches, the drain’s geometric design is eye-catching with a shiny chrome finish to match the faucet. It’s like jewelry for your shower.

Copper Craze



Metallics are in, and copper is no exception. More unexpected than gold or even aged brass, copper is a unique alternative that looks chic and contemporary, especially paired with dark woods and marble.

We offer a great portfolio of stylish copper products. Start with our contemporary Titanium Collection faucet, which showcases sleek curves and a minimalist silhouette. Then, for a designer shower drain option, pair with our square model SD5 in copper. Its fun, asymmetric bubble design adds a pop of unexpected pattern that pairs well with the sleek faucet, keeping the room trendy and fun.

Metal Mixology



We said metallics are in, and so is mixing them. Pairing warm metals together creates a cohesive look while adding dimension, which automatically elevates a space. Make sure to stick within the same color temperature family to achieve a cohesive design with this look.

We love our custom Leonard Collection in a Gunmetal finish, which has an undertone of warmth. Pair with the LD6 model linear drain in this gold finish for a combination that’s fun and funky.

Masculine Mode



If you’re in search of a more timeless, masculine-leaning look, a dark oil-rubbed, bronze or black finish in an industrial motif could be your answer.

This faucet is part of our Elan Vital collection, which was originally unveiled in 2014 as a fully customizable line that hearkens back to New York's industrial days. This collection brings a rugged, Brooklyn-classic style to any bathroom. Pairing with the linear shower drain LD4 model, featuring a fleur de lis-inspired grate, makes for just the right amount of soft detail in a masculine bathroom. Against a bright white shower, this color and detail really pops.

Choosing the Right Type of Shower Drain

Now that the ideas are flowing, how do you choose the right designer shower drain option for you?

A more traditional drain, like our square variety, is commonly referred to as a point drain. These will be more affordable and provide more versatility in installation. A linear option is a more modern take on the shower drain category. It’s usually installed at the edge of the shower, although it can also reside in the middle as a point drain would.

Where the drain is located is determined by where the drain pipe is installed. In new bathrooms, designers have more options, while in a remodel, you’ll be more limited.

Designer Shower Drains


Deciding which type of drain is right for your design — pipe location restrictions aside — comes down to the type of look you’re going for. A linear drain on the edge of a shower provides a sleeker look; tile will be uninterrupted and it can allow for a curb-free shower as the floor slopes toward one edge. If a traditional shower is more your style, a point drain is a good option.

Your One-Stop Shop for Designer Shower Drain Options

Watermark Designs offers designer shower drain options in a wide variety of style, finish and length combinations. The drains are easily cleanable — just use a soft cloth and gentle cleanser, nothing abrasive — for easy maintenance, and they can be installed with easy-to-follow instructions. They’re all handmade in Brooklyn, New York, and any design can be customized to fit your design, perfectly.

Contact us today to get started on a customized faucet and drain combination for your next designer bathroom.