Product Deep Dive: Heated Towel Bars


Turning your bath or shower into a personal spa is deceivingly simple — when you have a well-conceived design and quality bathroom accessories.

Whether you’re designing a master bath or need luxury finishes for your boutique hotel, heated towel bars can help create the perfect bathroom retreat. Watermark Designs offers a variety of specialty bathroom accessories, and one of the easiest ways you can add a little indulgence (and nice surprise) to your space, is by designing with heated towel bars.

Why Heated Bars?

If you’ve ever dried off after your shower with a heated towel, then you can attest to how much they enhance the experience, especially during the winter months when getting out of the bath can be bracingly cold.

They’re not just popular in colder climates, though: Homeowners and designers everywhere are including towel warmers in their space to add a bit of luxury to the experience.

“Once you start using a towel warmer, you'll wonder why you waited so long,” writes Anne-Marie Brunet for Houzz. A warmed towel also helps to dry your skin off more quickly.

Solutions for Bathroom Luxury

If you’re sold on the idea of a heated towel bar, you’re not alone. There are a variety of heated towel bar products in today’s bath design industry thanks to increased demand for luxury details.

But not all heated towel bars are manufactured with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Some towel warmers take up precious square footage in smaller bathrooms and can limit how you style the space. Other heated towel bars are hydronic, requiring hot water to warm the bars.

Watermark Design’s heated towel bars deliver form and function, without taking up precious space. They’re electric and heat up far more quickly than hydronic models, so you won’t have to wait for hot water to kick in if you’re in a colder climate (where the resting temperature of the water in the pipes is cooler).


The solid brass towel bars are also stackable, which gives you more surface area to heat up bulkier or larger towels. Multiple bars can also be operated from the same switch, and timers can be installed so no one has to worry about leaving them in the “on” position. Even if you do leave the bars running after you’re done in the bathroom, they have low voltage and only use about 18-30 watts of power, about the same as a CFL bulb, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on your electric bill.


Watermark’s heated towel bars offer a variety of attractive solutions for comfort, no matter how you style your bathroom. The solid brass bars are offered in 26 stunning finishes and come in either a rounded or rectangular style. Custom length bars are also an option if your design requires something a bit more unique, but 24- and 30-inch lengths come standard.

Add a Little Indulgence



“Getting out of a shower or bathtub in a cold room can be a rough transition from warm bliss to cold, hard reality,” says Anne-Marie Burnet for Houzz. “But there is a solution: enveloping yourself in a cozy towel from a towel warmer.”

If you’re looking to design the perfect luxury bathroom retreat or want to update your current bath space with a touch of extravagance, heated towel bars deliver great results. And working with a dedicated manufacturer like Watermark Designs can help you ensure that your bathroom is cozy, functional and sure to impress whoever uses the space.

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