May 12th, 2021

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 5

A faucet design can help tie the style of your space together, and one of our favorite ways of creating interest in a faucet is through the knurling process. Using this distinctive method of manufacturing can add eye-catching detail to any space.

Let’s look at what knurling is, its different types and seven of our favorite examples.

Types of Knurling

Knurling is part of the faucet manufacturing process where a pattern of straight, angled or crossed lines is pressed into a material.

Knurling is used in various product manufacturing processes because it allows for a better grip on tools, accessories and faucet parts. The knurling process is used on all types of materials, from metal to wood to plastic.

It can also be used as a decorative addition to material. For faucets, the knurling process creates indentations on an area to produce a pattern on what would otherwise be a smooth surface.

There are several different types of knurling, but annular rings, linear and diamond are among the most common.

Annular Rings

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 1


Annular rings are knurled into materials to allow for parts to “mate.” You frequently see this kind of detail on screws, and it also helps plastic parts stay connected.

Linear Knurling

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 2

Linear knurling “allows greater torsion between components'' for mating material parts that will be twisted together. This type of knurling can also be used on faucet parts (like in our Sutton collection) to create stylish detailing and aesthetic impact.

Diamond Knurling

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 3


Diamond knurling is created by using a combination of annular ring and linear knurling methods, and it produces (you guessed it) a diamond pattern on the material. It’s featured in a few of our very own Watermark collections, including the Urbane faucet featured here.

Our Favorite Examples of Knurling

You see knurling details in all types of applications, from fasteners to automotive parts to luxury bathroom accessories. When used on faucets, it adds dimension and depth and gives the faucet a unique look that will leave users wowed.

Here are a few designs that stand out for their style and distinctive use of knurling.

1. Vintage Appeal

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 4


Watermark’s Elan Vital is an award-winning faucet collection that features a diamond knurling pattern. It offers vintage appeal and just the right amount of design detail, perfect for spaces that want industrial-inspired pieces for their sink, bath or kitchen designs.

2. Subtle Distinction

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 5


The annular ring design found in Rejuvenation’s Rigdon collection of bathroom accessories is subtle but offers a touch of distinction to the shower or sink areas in a space.

3. Visual Delight

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 6


Our TOD design is an elegant kitchen collection that also showcases diamond knurling patterns. The knurling offers texture and visual delight to the smooth but functional simplicity of the TOD faucet line.

4. Traditional Combination

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 7


The King faucet from Devon & Devon features a reverse diamond knurling pattern for supporting a more traditional bathroom space.

5. Modern Industrial Flair

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 8


Add modern industrial flair to your bathroom design with the Urbane collection and its use of diamond knurling. The texture and pattern on the faucet handle add appeal to both senses of sight and touch.

6. Balance Style & Function

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 9


For the perfect balance of modern style and functionality, the Rainey collection from yours truly brings Austin-inspired, eclectic luxury to any bathroom space.

7. Monoblock Drama

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 10


For the ultimate in dramatic design, the Titanium Collection features streamlined single-lever monoblock faucets for a bold, industrial feel.

Faucet Designs for Every Space

Our 7 Favorite Examples of Faucet Knurling 11


No matter your design needs, knurling details offer a small but mighty impact on bathroom and kitchen styles. From diamond patterns to annular rings, knurling can enhance the look of any faucet, handle or accessory.

Try our design configurator to play around with styles and finishes for your next project. The limitless options for faucet design are sure to inspire the look of your space.

We love working with architects and designers to create a faucet design for your bathroom or kitchen project. It’s a point of pride to be able to say that Watermark Designs has collaborated with designers for years to help them find (or create) original hardware and accessories for their spaces. Reach out to us today to get started.