Our 16 Favorite Uses of Watermark Faucets

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Faucets don’t have to be just faucets. When it comes to bathroom and kitchen design, the right faucet can really ramp up a look. And with so many options to choose from, between mixing textures to mixing colors, the possibilities are endless.

We have to admit, we do have a few of our own favorites. Check out these incredible uses of Watermark faucets in bathrooms and kitchens to inspire your own faucet ideas!


1. Rustic Artisan

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We love rustic bathroom faucet ideas and this sunset-bathed bathroom gives us all warm feelings. Using an industrial faucet like this one not only gives added artistic value, but it can also transform an average bathroom into one that is truly unique. We are loving the old-world vibes this bathroom is giving off.

2. Classic Chrome and a Natural Look



Chrome isn’t just for builder-grade bathrooms anymore. Taking a traditional finish like chrome and adding in a repurposed wood vanity and Mediterranean stone flooring creates a serene bathroom experience that’s anything but ordinary. Enchanted woods, anyone?

3. The Floor Mounted Landscape



What a way to frame a view! We love this floor mounted faucet paired with a deep-soaker tub. Exquisite floor details and clean shelving, along with the classic chrome faucet, adds a feel of luxury to this peaceful design. Or switch it up with a copper faucet to give a luxurious bathroom a distinctive feel.

4. Split Faucet Design



We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: Split-faucet designs are one of the hottest faucet trends. And they’ve got staying power! The mix and match possibilities are endless with these faucets and can be incorporated into any bathroom design idea.

Pair it with a beautiful statement piece and make a space that is conversation-worthy. (Check out more bathroom ideas like this one by clicking here.)

5. Industrial Gate Valve Perfection



Industrial gate valve faucet designs are a great way to add interest to a bathroom. Mix the textures and colors to create a unique look that works with all design styles, from classic to rustic to industrial.

6. Bold Monochromatic and Gold

Bold monochromatic gold


Is there really any better way to say “wow” than gold-tone brass? Making your faucet the pop of color elevates any bathroom design. Keep the rest of the design simple, like this bold monochromatic grey, to create a bathroom you won’t want to leave! Check out more brass ideas by clicking here.

7. Mixing Texture



We’re in love with this mixed-texture, split-finish faucet design. And not only can you mix the textures in the faucet, but you can also mix up the overall design with bold prints on the walls with wallpaper, tiles or paint to create a style that is as unique as you.

8. Wall-Mounted Serenity

Wall mounted


A wall-mounted faucet is a unique way to highlight a design feature or statement piece. Pairing a split faucet design with a natural material sink, such as marble or granite, creates a calming, earthy space to retreat to after a long day.

This bathroom style would also look great paired with a wall-mounted faucet design — with either one or two handles; we’re not picky. Check out wall-mounted faucet design ideas by clicking here.

9. Matte Black Statement

Matte black


What can we say about this absolute work of art? Matte black is a classic finish and when you pair it up with tile art like this, a shower space can become an experience in unique creativity.

Who says you can’t bring art into the shower? With this Instagram worthy design, we would too!


10. Brass and Matte Black

Brass and matte black


This neutral tone kitchen is simply stunning. The dual sink and faucet combination is both functional and a wonderful accent to the entire look of the kitchen. Mix brass with matte black sinks and marble countertops, and we’re hooked!

11. The Weekend Wind-Down

Weekend wind down


What says weekend wind-down more than a wet bar? This rich design concept paired with a split faucet design is one of the kitchen faucet ideas we love most. The warm-toned copper of the faucet pairs nicely with the warm-toned wood cabinets while standing out beautifully from the black countertop.

Bring on the weekend!

12. Rustic Country

Rustic country


Just because it’s country, doesn’t mean it’s not luxury! We love this matte black window facing sink paired with a matte black industrial faucet. Add in the natural wood shelving and simple, white backsplash for an elegant country kitchen. Can’t you just feel the fresh country air?

13. Charcoal and Natural Wood

Charcoal and natural wood


Sometimes you want a kitchen faucet to be a complementary addition to your gorgeous kitchen design. Industrial pipe faucet styles work in a multitude of decor and design styles, including this beautiful natural-toned kitchen. Now, this is a kitchen we can cook in!

14. Brass and White Elegance

Brass and white elegance


There’s just something about brass and white marble that screams elegant luxury. Bold accents like brushed black stools highlight a brass faucet design and work perfectly with a stark white island.

Add some flowers for natural warmth and softness, and this kitchen is right out of a dream. Looking for more luxury kitchen designs? Click here.

15. Copper Color Mix

Copper color mix


This copper and indigo pairing is pure art. Sleek, elegant and clean, this design style is a hot trend right now, and we can see why! A simple copper faucet can be paired with almost any color palette.

Carry the accent with copper hanging island light fixtures, and really, what more could this kitchen need?

16. Don’t Forget the Pot Filler

Pot filler


If you want true luxury in your kitchen, don’t forget a pot filler! After all, a pot filler is both a luxury and functional addition to any kitchen. Using a bright metallic, like copper, makes it stand out against a neutral backsplash, and you can carry the accent into the knobs on the stove or kitchen appliances, like in the kitchen above.

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When choosing fixtures for a bathroom or kitchen, the design is in the details. Creating interest with texture, mixed-metals and trendy colors can take an already beautiful design to the next level.

When you choose from a selection of quality designs from a trusted manufacturer, your design decisions become much easier. And with Watermark’s Faucet Designer, you can be sure to create the perfect combination to work with your design.

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