Jack London Kitchen & Bath Brings Showrooms to Another Level



Not all dealers are created equal, and Jack London Kitchen & Bath is proof of that. When choosing kitchen and bath finishings, it can be hard to imagine every detail on the many products you may want to show your customers, from the color to the finish to the small detail work. That’s where Jack London Kitchen & Bath comes in.

With not one, but four, stunning showrooms throughout the California Bay Area, designers can easily find the perfect fixture for their project. Their showrooms showcase everything from mounted shower heads to handheld sprayers to faucets and more.

Among the luxury brands carried in their California showrooms is Watermark Designs. Jack London Kitchen & Bath has carried the Watermark brand for close to 19 years and has over 71 feet of showroom floor space dedicated to our showerheads and faucets.

Ken Avery Jack London

Why has Jack London Kitchen & Bath devoted so much floor space and time to our Brooklyn-based company? “Because their product are made in Brooklyn by a family-owned business,” says Ken Avery, Vice President. “That’s very important to us. We also love the fact that you can interchange products from different series. Plus, you can pretty much outfit the entire bathroom in the same Watermark finish that is selected.”

While Jack London Kitchen & Bath carries the full line of Watermark products, Ken’s favorite it the H-Line. “It’s a very elegant line,” Ken says, though he makes sure to leave himself some wiggle room. “But that being said there are many that are my favorites.”

Jack London Front


A premier dealer, Jack London Kitchen & Bath has great plans for the coming years. “We will be expanding our business to other locations in the coming years,” says Ken, along with plans to expand further into the lighting business soon.

If you are in the Bay Area, make sure to stop by one of Jack London Kitchen & Bath’s four showrooms to be inspired by the vast array of displays. You’re sure to find the right kitchen and bath fixtures you’re looking for, thanks to help from one of London’s skilled consultants.