How Watermark Makes Every Installation Easier

Jan 1

A lot of thought goes into installing high-end products in your design.

But as installers, you know how even the small things can throw your installation projects off-track. From missing parts to measurements that are slightly off, there’s a lot of potential for delays in a project.

Working with the right manufacturer, one that’s dedicated to your design and a well-executed installation, can help to guarantee the success of your project. Here are a few ways your manufacturer can help you ensure a better, smoother installation.

Solutions for Smoother Project Management

Coordinating tasks between all stakeholders in a project, from plumbers to contractors to designers, requires transparency and effective communication.

“Good news and bad news are equally important when preparing and implementing a build,” says Tisha Leslie for Smartsheet. “You need to establish a flow of communication with everyone on the ground — and every stakeholder and supplier in the plan. This transparency will make the process smoother and will reduce the number of emails and phone calls whenever a problem arises.”

But no one is perfect: There’s a lot that often gets miscommunicated throughout an installation project. Work with manufacturers like Watermark Designs who supply designers with the solutions they need for easier installations.

Watermark uses universal valves. All of our trim kits will fit on any of our valves, so there’s no need to worry about getting locked into a particular design if the client needs a change.

Invest in a universal extension kit. Watermark offers extension kits that are stackable, which extends the stem of any of the valves that we carry, plus they also have stems that are designed to be cut. If any measurements are off, or there are changes in tile selection or wall thickness, implementing an extension kit could save your design (and project deadline).

Knowing Your Options: Keep Your Design on Track

Designers need versatility in the products and materials that they choose for a project. Custom solutions and plenty of options will help guarantee happier clients and the perfect design.

Watermark supports design versatility by offering endless solutions for your project. We offer an array of different handle styles in various lengths and widths, so designers have solutions that fit their installation, no matter what the project entails.

Jan 2

Our valves also give installers easier, more efficient solutions. Instead of using a generic and large faceplate in your design, our valves are designed to give the trim a more minimalist look, which helps to keep the design aesthetic intact. Here’s how:

Our universal mudguards allow for easier installations. Plumbers can install the valve more effectively into the finished wall, by referencing the “min” and “max” lines, without having to cater to any one specific handle design (that the client might not have even decided on yet).

The mudguard allows the contractor to cut a smaller hole, and the valve is protected while construction work is being done nearby.



Our mini thermostatic plates also give installers more effective solutions and better overall design (see below).

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The mini thermostatic plate is a 3 1/2 inch plate. This size gives designers more freedom and space than if they used a much larger plate (some come in 12-inch dimensions). This gives a minimalist design both for contemporary baths and for more period baths, where newer anti-scalding valves when the bath was built and are now needed for a code-compliant design.

Know What You’re Getting Into: Attention to the Details That Matter

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One of the most common and frustrating issues in a project is getting the lever handles aligned correctly.

Most manufacturers can get their tolerances between 18 and 20 degrees. Watermark uses special alignment kits to get our handles within an 8-degree tolerance, so you’re guaranteed a better fit every time.

We’ve also worked with enough designers to know that you’re coordinating a lot of details in an installation project and work with a number of different products. We include renderings of each of our products on the label that’s applied to each box.

“This way the installer can easily and quickly identify the box they need to open without having to open unnecessary boxes and potentially losing or damaging parts,” explains Watermark president Avi Abel.

“And we ship the handle already on the valves, so they do need to be disassembled before installation. We install the handles on the valves so that parts don’t go missing, the plumber becomes familiar with how the final setup will look, and we ensure that every part is shipped.”

Testing and Compliance: Projects Done Right

You have enough to worry about during a project and building codes are usually at the top of that list.

But when you work with a manufacturer like Watermark, you can rest easy knowing your client is getting a code-compliant product and design.

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All of Watermark’s products undergo testing to make sure your project meets code. All products are pressure tested with air to check for leaks. We use air instead of water during pressure testing as the process is more stringent and guaranteed to catch any leaks.

Keeping up with code can be a chore for designers as different states and municipalities have varied, sometimes stricter, codes. Watermark offers all types of valves from code-compliant 2-valve and 3-valve roughs to pressure balance and thermostatic valves.

And our code-compliant products also offer versatile design solutions for even the toughest remodels. Older bathroom designs often need updated materials, since anti-scalding valves weren’t in the building code until more recently.

These valves can be coupled with volume controls, diverters or even volume controls with built-in diverters, giving designers dozens of solutions for shower system setups. Plus all Watermark valves are modular, so they can each be positioned anywhere in the room in relation to another valve, whether your design is vertical, horizontal or across walls.