How to Style Your Bathroom to Match Your Client’s Ideal Aesthetic

How to Style Your Bathroom to Match Your Clients Ideal Aesthetic 1


Besides bedrooms, bathrooms seem to be the most intimate rooms in a home. It’s a place where homeowners can go at the end of a long day to wash away stress and worry. That’s why it’s so important to spend time and thought when contemplating a bathroom remodel: What aesthetic feels most authentic to you or your client?

Below, find some of our favorite bathroom styles to inspire your next renovation. Use them to create a similar look or take specific cues and make them your own. Whatever works for your design style!

Woodsy, Cabin Feel

How to Style Your Bathroom to Match Your Clients Ideal Aesthetic 2


This bathroom design has such a natural, outdoorsy feel and it shows that a cabin look can be tasteful and sophisticated. For those homeowners who are looking for a trip-to-the-woods feel, this design is the perfect delivery.

What makes this bathroom truly gorgeous is the mixing of textures and neutral tones. The lateral pine panel walls wonderfully complement the stone feature wall, which in turn makes the gunmetal hardware pop. This is carried seamlessly into the mirror hardware and capped perfectly with the industrial light fixture that brings a warm glow. Look closely and you’ll see stunning floor tiles too!

Every detail is carefully selected in this look, turning what could be a clash of textures and styles into one of our favorite bathroom trends. Lovers of the cabin look could take it one step further by changing out the Elan Vital faucet to a waterfall faucet and pair it with a stone sink.

Can you smell the forest from here?

Gold Luxury

How to Style Your Bathroom to Match Your Clients Ideal Aesthetic 3


For gold lovers who are looking for a splash of luxury, this design is perfect. Simple and understated with careful details — like this wall-mounted faucet in satin gold — paired with white walls and stone floor is what makes this look luxurious and chic.

Gold hardware is incredibly versatile, too, as it can work with almost any design style, from minimalist and natural to city-chic or even rococo. But we particularly love this look because of its versatility and longevity.

Keeping the color palette simple allows the gold fixtures to shine and allows the design to incorporate other textures like a reclaimed wood towel ladder and shelves for scented candles and potpourri.

Satin metallic faucets and shower fixtures have been in style for decades now, constantly being reinvented and revived in new and inspiring ways. If you love gold, there are so many ideas ready to inspire your next project.

Industrial Meets Eclectic

How to Style Your Bathroom to Match Your Clients Ideal Aesthetic 4


Proof that design risks can pay off! Each individual element is carefully selected to create a look that delivers an eclectic flair.

The white-washed brick wall with white, sheer drapes creates a clean canvas for the rest of the design to speak more boldly. The large, striated black marble trough sink is visually anchored by a similar floor.

But it’s the brass piping that makes the sink stand out, especially when combined with a matching faucet frame, and adds an industrial design to balance this look. Add the boho runner and “WOW” comes to mind …

This aesthetic is bold, intelligent, and visually appealing. Maybe even one that’s Instagram worthy? We think so!

European Homestead

How to Style Your Bathroom to Match Your Clients Ideal Aesthetic 5


What does this design make you feel? We get an air of old World authenticity and subtle antiquity. In fact, it almost feels like indulgence. The bathroom is the perfect place to infuse a little of that rich TLC into everyday life.

Let’s begin with the arched doorway and the French doors that are mirrored by the paned window in the background, creating both continuity and the illusion of extra space. And how about that free-standing soaker tub! We could sink into that and never leave. With flat grey finish, the tub blends into the background to keep the focus on the rug and reclaimed stool. The satin-finish, brass, wall-mounted faucet adds a bit of drama to complete this evocative look.

Recreating this bathroom design in your space is as simple as installing a dramatic faucet fixture, applying a few coats of paint (think eggshell or ecru), and adding a reclaimed wood accessory for texture.

Perfect Complement of Sophisticated Details

How to Style Your Bathroom to Match Your Clients Ideal Aesthetic 6


This is a hot shower trend -- and we don’t mean the temperature of the water. The implementation of clear glass allows the room’s sophisticated features to continue on and on, giving the illusion of more space. To complete the look, the gunmetal shower fixtures are visually anchored with a matching bathtub wall-mounted faucet, creating a perfectly balanced space.

Breaking up the long lines of the stone wall with an infusion of artwork in complementing colors elevates the look from cohesive to sophisticated. And that rug! It’s a great way to soften the space and add a touch of warmth.

While you’re daydreaming, consider adding the luxury of a steam shower. We doubt you or your muscles will regret it.

Ready to Get Started?

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