How The Sutton Brought its Modern Vintage Look Inside


Nestled along the East River in Manhattan, just south of New York’s Upper East Side, lies the Sutton Place neighborhood. The cozy, affluent community is home to one particular residential building that blends modern design with vintage architecture.

The Sutton, designed by INC Architecture and Design, acts as a personification of the neighborhood’s culture, symbolizing the area’s history and tradition with its design. Built in 2015, the facility houses 90 condos and got The New York Times’ attention before opening its doors.

This new Manhattan tower prides itself on its modern vintage appearance. By combining New York’s historic architecture with modern touches, this building provided a unique challenge to its design teams.



Combining Quality With Customization

The Sutton’s trademark look blends its neighborly, street-style presence with the luxurious New York glamour. The impression of its rich facade needed to be incorporated into the building’s interior, so INC recruited Watermark to establish The Sutton’s elegant design in the restrooms.

INC’s design team sought quality and customization. The Sutton’s unique style called for high-quality products that could fit the building’s luxurious brand. As INC designer Adam Rolston said, “Watermark delivers on both fronts.”

Watermark’s Sutton 111 Collection, a collection designed especially for this project, not only provides practical use but acts as yet another addition to The Sutton’s historic design.

Blending Flexibility With Glamour

INC noted Watermark’s flexibility throughout the design process. They found the company easy to work with, as Watermark’s installation process and approach to the project left room for discussion and collaboration between designers.

Additionally, INC valued Watermark’s proximity to the project, noting the ease of future maintenance.



“[Watermark is] a regional company that manufactures locally, which is an invaluable asset when it comes to service and maintenance,” Drew Stuart said.

The design team also needed a manufacturer who could customize products to fit the building’s desired look. While many facilities want a glamorous interior, few require an identity that combines sophistication with a historic vibe.



That’s where Watermark came in. The company’s flexible approach allowed for plenty of customization, making that “modern vintage” combination possible.

INC said they would recommend Watermark to other designers for the company’s “custom capability, quality and service.”

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

In order to achieve its benchmarks given to them by The Sutton, INC needed a manufacturer who could provide “creative problem-solving and innovative solutions.”

Watermark was able to provide materials and service members who could adjust to The Sutton’s needs, immediately solving INC’s problem of finding glamorous-yet-historic accessories.



When asked about the benefits of using Watermark products, INC emphasized the service provided along with the materials. The designers loved how Watermark’s products catered to their immediate needs and were customized to fit their unique brand.

A Successful, Eye-Catching Project

As Aileen Jacobson of The New York Times puts it, the Sutton “borrows from the historic flavor of the neighborhood for its design.” The area’s “grand luxury” mixed with New York’s “urban fabric” is the perfect environment for the 30-story building.

According to the Times, “custom-made bath and kitchen fixtures echo that industrial past.” Watermark was able to blend the area’s traditional vibe with the industrial luxury that dominates modern NYC, resulting in a truly breathtaking masterpiece, both inside and out.



Watermark’s products not only offered a high-quality solution for INC, they allowed for flexibility and customization to help the designers achieve their unique brand. With accessories that added to the Sutton’s luxurious, glamorous image and allowed a flexible, customizable process, INC achieved its goal of designing the perfect “modern vintage” residence building.