Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets: 9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look

9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look 1

The modern farmhouse trend has swept through the world of interior design and the kitchen hasn’t been left out. From rustic touches to farmhouse sinks, this incredibly versatile trend is here to stay.

Farmhouse elements can be integrated into nearly any kitchen design, adding a unique touch to modern, contemporary, and traditional designs. Farmhouse kitchen faucets complete the look, adding functionality along with their incredible beauty.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Faucet Designs

If you’re looking for farmhouse inspiration, look no further than these nine kitchen faucets to complete your farmhouse look.

1. Add a Touch of History

9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look 1

One of the most recognizable elements of a farmhouse kitchen is the iconic farmhouse sink. Originally included in early homes with no running water, the large basin provided ample space for the water that was toted in from rivers and wells.

Because the basin wasn’t blocked by a countertop, the sink provided ergonomic comfort when early pioneers would wash clothes or do dishes. The design of the farmhouse sink was so ideal that it made its way to London, England and Belfast, Ireland where it underwent changes that made them ideal to each city’s water supply and availability.

Beginning in the 19th century, the farmhouse sink made its way to France where “its broad apron front began to gain popularity for its strength and utilitarian value.” In keeping with its rise in popularity in France, the Paris Collection faucet in natural, polished brass brings a 1920s vibe and is the perfect complement to a farmhouse sink.

2. Use Modern Materials

9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look 2

Once farmhouse sinks made their way to the United States during the 1920s, rather than sticking with the traditional porcelain for the sink basin, American versions used materials such as cast iron, copper and nickel alloy. However, with the onset of WWII, these materials became scarce, and the stainless steel undermount sink rose in popularity.

The modern farmhouse sink may draw on history for design, but it’s now possible to get creative with modern materials such as concrete, stone and copper.

Choosing a dark sink basin that matches the countertop adds an interesting design element as it diverges from traditional porcelain. And to complement, the matte black faucet from the Elan Vital Collection is simultaneously rustic, modern and timeless.

3. Incorporate a Rustic Backsplash

9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look 3

This Elan Vital farmhouse style kitchen faucet presents a nice contrast to the stark white countertop and sink basin. The rustic subway tiles create a backsplash that serves to brighten the entire space and enhances the stripped-down aesthetic of the simple faucet design.

4. Double Vision

9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look 4

Source: Brownstoner

Kitchen faucets for farmhouse sinks need to be able to take on the extra space and allow for enough height to fill pots and wash large sheet pans.

In this design, the two TOD Collection faucets create ample space to maneuver pots and pans in the sink. With an ergonomic design utilizing linear valve technology, the diamond knurl design and PVD satin brass finish is a beautiful compliment to the farmhouse kitchen.

5. Incorporate an Antique Finish

9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look 5

Choosing a rustic finish for a modern farmhouse kitchen faucet creates a charming touch while still fitting seamlessly into a modern design. This Elan Vital Collection faucet has an antique copper finish that conjures up images of old copper pots and days gone by.

6. Choose Matching Fixtures and Hardware

9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look 6

With so many elements to coordinate, choosing a modern farmhouse kitchen faucet that matches other finishes can bring cohesion to the design and allow the eye to focus on other elements. In this farmhouse kitchen design, marble countertops add an edge to the traditional wood cabinets.

The Elan Vital farmhouse style kitchen faucet in a gunmetal finish matches the drawer hardware and pot filler mounted above the stove, creating stunning continuity throughout the design.

7. Bring in the Greenery

9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look 7

This Paris Collection faucet in aged brass pairs beautifully with the stark white countertop and farmhouse sink basin. Add in a few green succulents and this design is nearly perfect (though you may want to move them to the counter before you start washing dishes).

8. A Bit of Brass

9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look 8

Brass finishes are a staple in farmhouse kitchen designs, and this kitchen faucet, from the Loft 2.0 collection, epitomizes the beauty of brass. The uncoated polished finish adds a vintage look that stands out amidst the rest of the unique features in the kitchen.

9. Modernized Rustic

9 Faucets to Complete Your Farmhouse Look 9

This home achieves a rustic vibe and a touch of class with this modern farmhouse kitchen design. These chrome goose-neck faucets, from the Loft 2.0 collection, offer a classy, timeless style that ties the rustic and modern look together. With the two-faucet design, filling pots and glasses is a breeze, all while being able to utilize the farmhouse sink for other purposes.

In order to fulfill all of your farmhouse kitchen dreams, a farmhouse style kitchen faucet is a necessity. Let Watermark help you find the perfect fit for you and your kitchen. Find the dealer closest to you to get your design started or try out all your options with our unique faucet designer.