Doing It Right: Designing With Color and Patterns


A bathroom is often the smallest room in your house, but it doesn’t have to be the plainest. You can utilize bright colors and interesting patterns to make a memorable design, but it can be tricky to do.

However, once you find the right balance, you’ll be rewarded with a successful design and a beautiful room full of life. Here’s how you do it.

Use A Bold Color With a Neutral Pattern



This gorgeous bathroom shows that a strong color choice paired with a neutral pattern can be both elegant and eye-catching. The royal blue sets a calm tone, while the geometric pattern adds a fun design that’s not overpowering, thanks to its neutral tone.

Gold finishings in the faucet, paper holder and towel ring add the perfect touch to elevate this design from normal to WOW.

Wall Design Elements That Delight



If you want a design that uses both pattern and color, you need to make sure they are used in a balanced, focused way. Wallpaper is a great way to introduce an interesting pattern and create serious impact in a small space, but you need to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm.

This powder room showcases a playful, colorful hexagonal wallpaper which is balanced out by the dark wood of the sink. The gunmetal colored exposed pipe faucet also ties into the palette and brings even more fun and intrigue to the design. Even the smallest details can offer big results!

Working in Smaller Spaces



Even with narrow bathrooms, there are opportunities to maximize square footage. We love this design, which packs a lot of personality into a small space.

The bright pink sink is balanced out by the toned down but sleek faucet. The round, light up mirror and multi-colored, patterned tiles in the shower add a retro feel to the room. The color palette ensures the small space still feels bright and friendly.

The tiled shower, bright sink and round mirror all work together to make a lasting and fun impression.

Use Multiple Colors to Your Advantage



There’s no rule that says you have to use the same color in your pattern design and on your walls. In this bathroom, the light pink walls and bold green floor provide a creative backdrop for more rustic elements in the design.

The farmhouse sink sits on a floating wood countertop, giving the room a rustic feel. The wheel faucet adds a contemporary vibe while it’s matte black color ties it in with the rustic wood counter.

To help lighten things up, the walls are painted a light peach color and the floor tile sports a bright green and white pattern. The different styles all come together to create a fun, playful feel.

Balancing Taste and Style

Using bright colors and patterns in your design can be tricky: There’s a risk of the space looking disjointed or overwhelming when you combine different materials, shapes and colors. But as we’ve seen in the spaces above, designers can find harmony by choosing colors, textures and elements their clients will love, no matter what their taste is.

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