Designer Spotlight: Tyler Del Vento


At Watermark, we’re proud of our innovative and customizable designs, but we’re also humble enough to admit we’d get nowhere without the designers who love our products just as much as we do.

We thought we’d shine the spotlight on one such designer, Tyler Del Vento, to talk about what inspires her, where she sees residential interior design going and how Watermark fits into her vision.

Getting Started

Tyler is a Greenwich, CT-based designer with a passion for color, pattern and texture. Before she got started in the business, she designed spaces for family and friends for many years. With each new project, buzz grew about Tyler’s capabilities and creativity.

“A few years ago, my husband and I purchased a very old home, and we took it down to the studs. It was a true labor of love, and I knew there was no going back! People saw the home and their reactions were extremely positive. My business has continued growing from people seeing our home and my other projects.”

Looking for New Projects

Although she’s based in Connecticut, the beauty of being an interior designer in the twenty-first century is Tyler can work wherever a project may lead. Currently, she has several projects in the tri-state area, but she has also worked on projects in California, Florida and in the south, where she is originally from.

And what does she look for in new projects and clients, if geography isn’t an obstacle? “I’m grateful I’m able to choose my projects. In the end, it’s about the chemistry with the client and thankfully, that transcends location,” says Tyler.

In her work, Tyler looks to create spaces that have a positive impact and elicit a feeling within someone. She wants to transport them through materials, textures and colors, or shift the way in which they use a space through planning.



“To be able to make someone feel glamorous or relaxed or elegant is such a powerful contribution to a client’s well-being.”

In every project, Tyler’s goal is to create a relationship with her clients that transcends design. She wants to help manifest her client’s wishes by offering, not insisting. “In the end, I leave and I want the client to be thrilled. It is their home and, most importantly, an expression of them.”

And while picking a favorite project may be like picking a favorite child, Tyler has elements in each that she’s especially proud of.

“There are special elements in every project that delight me. A lighting fixture, a powder room…I find joy and satisfaction everywhere. But if I truly had to pick one project, it would be my son’s nursery. We went through an incredibly complicated journey to have him. To finally create a special place to welcome him home and into our family is pure bliss!”

Designing Offers Flexibility

One of Tyler’s favorite parts of working in design is the flexibility it offers. Each of her projects has to meet her client’s style preferences, not hers. “I feel that through mindful design and architecture homes and rooms can have “moments” that are memorable. These spaces will feel custom and unique to that homeowner.”

And she’s a proud Watermark customer.



“Watermark has been my go-to for all my projects. I find the artisanal nature of the product and the quality of the finished product to be the finest in the market. The finishes and customizing opportunities are unmatched. Throw in the fact Watermark is handmade in Brooklyn and it is a fait-accompli!”

While choosing a favorite project may be tricky, Tyler has no hesitation when we asked her about her favorite Watermark design.

“My favorite Watermark design is the Elements Collection! I have them in our master bath. It is such a versatile collection and has so many terrific customizable options. It truly is one of the most unique fixtures designs I have ever seen. I will continue to use Elements as long as it is made.”

Upcoming Trends

And what about the future? With design trends always changing, Tyler has to keep an eye not only on what’s popular now but what is going to be at the design forefront in the next few years.

“There will always be a place for monochromatic living environments, but I also believe that people are yearning for more. They are exploring a more out-of-the-box and colorful side. They want their homes to be a reflection of who they are, not a page out of a catalog, and be around things that spark joy.”



Along with that joy and desire for personal touches is a growing popularity for design features that aren’t mass-produced.

“A trend I see really exploding is the concept of artisanal “everything.” I see a return to shopping locally and supporting small/independent businesses that have a handcrafted and curated aesthetic. Shopping at these types of stores will reflect the client’s need for personalized and individualized items for their homes.”

And a trend she’s tired of? “My hope for bathrooms everywhere is to see the end of swan fixtures! I also hate to see beautiful spaces filled with generic and unmemorable fixtures. Bathrooms are meant to be jewel boxes in your home! One can have fun creating special moments that surprise and delight you and your guests.”

Lily Faucet 2


But the good news is everyone can bring their own perfect personal touch to their next project, whether that be a kitchen or bathroom.

“Kitchen design has really opened up over the last few years. An all-white kitchen has been de rigueur for so many years. I love the shift towards “tuxedo” kitchens: black, white and brass.”

Tyler wants to help create destination rooms in her client’s homes. “To me, this means that fixtures and areas that were once considered utilitarian have become design ‘moments.’ Bathtubs have become a destination and one can see that in their design.”

She continues, “Cabinetry has become more and more custom for the client’s needs and more and more beautiful as well. Perhaps one of my favorite trends to watch has been the return of wallpaper. I truly hope it is here to stay. A striking wallpaper pattern and curated application are unmatched in creating a special ‘destination.’”

Lastly, BRASS! “I have a love affair – I can’t express how much I love brass anything.”

We’re happy when people love our products, and when they’re as talented as Tyler, its easy to see how Watermark fixtures can make any kitchen or bathroom a destination. To find out more about Tyler, visit her website. And for more inspiration, visit Watermark online