March 4th, 2021

Designer Spotlight: Sara Simon

Designer Spotlight Sara Simon 1

Today’s designers want to create spaces that make an impact, both in style and long-term success.

Designer Sara Simon has been in the business for several years now. After creating beautiful interiors in multi-million dollar homes and co-working spaces, Sara knows a thing or two about how to make any interior style last for the long run.

How It All Started

Sara had been working at an advertising agency after graduating from college but decided she needed something different in order to feel personally fulfilled. “Every day started to become the same, and I knew I needed to make a shift. I took a leap of faith and decided to try something new,” she explains.

Sara had an eye for design and took on a project where she saw an opportunity. “The first project I took on was my (and my husband’s) own home, on a tight budget,” she explains.

That experience turned out to be an exciting challenge. “After that, I started realizing what I was passionate about and what brought me the most joy,” says Sara.

She moved forward quickly from there. “I moved from small jobs to multi-million dollar homes, and then into multi-family.” And her jump into the unknown has been rewarding.

“Every project and every day is different,” Sara says. “I haven’t regretted my decision once.”

Designing for the Future

Designer Spotlight Sara Simon 2

Sara has been able to dabble in a few different areas with her design.

“I work on everything from residential to multi-family to co-working spaces,” she says. The coworking world has grown in popularity, especially after the rise of startups in the last several years. By designing these types of spaces, Sara addresses the need for more sustainable buildings, a crucial step as the commercial real estate industry plans for the future of work and an ever-changing office culture.

Designer Spotlight Sara Simon 3

Sara creates designs that go beyond the norm, and she uses what she’s learned across different types of spaces to deliver impact into each project.

“The home I just wrapped up last year in Malibu definitely pushed the limits on design,” she says. “It is a very design-forward home and definitely brought a commercial element into residential.”

Sara’s application of these elements, ones that pull from both commercial building and classic home design, results in impressive and welcoming spaces.

Designer Spotlight Sara Simon 4

Finding More Unique Ways to Inspire

Sara pulls in unique design details from both her experience across different industries and also from her love of travel. “I love traveling and exploring new places and am constantly absorbing design and snapping photos,” she explains.

Designer Spotlight Sara Simon 5

Sara’s passion for designing interesting, enjoyable spaces certainly keeps her busy. “My brain is always on design overload,” she says.

Her creativity flows throughout all of the projects she’s worked on. She’s able to showcase her ability to balance thoughtful design, the right furnishings, unique fixtures and bold use of color. Sara has an effortless way of designing rooms because of her attention to detail and knowing which elements are needed to tie a look together.

Using the right materials and products is a big part of her success, and Sara has featured Watermark pieces in a few of her projects.

“The fixtures always make such great statement pieces in design,” Sara explains. “Not to mention the large selection of different styles and finishes to choose from. It's like being a kid in a candy store. You just want it all.”

Designer Spotlight Sara Simon 6

Details That Enhance Your Design

Sara Simon’s designs are noteworthy because she draws inspiration from a few different industries, and because she partners with manufacturers who are dedicated to the success (and style) of the spaces she creates.

“Watermark is always timeless and beautiful,” Sara explains. By using Watermark pieces to enhance the look of her designs, she delivers impactful projects that impress all of her clients.

Draw inspiration for your next project by checking out more of Sara’s work here.

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