Design That Speaks for Itself: Two New Watermark Collections


When your client demands an outstanding design, or you want details that will make your space stand out, it’s crucial to work with the right products from the right manufacturer.

To help designers take their projects to the next level, Watermark Designs has released two new collections: the Rainey and the Lily. Working with engineers and utilizing new machining techniques, Watermark is helping their clients stay ahead of current trends and fads, creating spaces that will last a lifetime.

Design on Demand



With several decades in the design industry and an award-winning track record, Mark Zeff was selected to design the project at 70 Rainey in the stunning, historic district of Austin, Texas.

The Texas construction market is booming, so staying ahead of trends is key in such a saturated industry. It’s crucial for designers to stay relevant, especially since Austin is considered a “hotbed,” one of the most up-and-coming metroplexes in the United States.

“When the growth of the Austin metro is considered for the past seven years, it ranks No. 1 in the nation,” reports Will Anderson for the Austin Business Journal.

The new luxury apartment building at 70 Rainey required a design that would complement local trends and make an impression on visitors to this historic sweet spot.

Mark Zeff, head architect, collaborated with Watermark Designs in order to meet aesthetic demands on the project, his second collaboration with the company. The creative partnership resulted in the Rainey collection, a minimalistic-but-sophisticated line of fixtures that work with a wide range of styles.

Simple and straightforward, the Rainey line makes a statement in any bathroom design, whether you’re in Austin or NYC.


Design That Stands Out

The Rainey design attracted a wider audience and a demand for more products, which led to the inspiration for Watermark’s additional new line: the Lily.

The Rainey line made luxury design accessible to any budget, but after its success, Watermark wanted to take the design even further using an innovative and completely unique manufacturing and plating method.


Watermark’s in-house CNC milling machines make it possible to create several different textures and in house plating allows the company to create split finish combinations. For the Lily collection, they developed a customized, proprietary method to machine the plumbing components. The parts are plated, machined for a second time, then plated a second time. This allows the company to produce not only multiple finishes on the same faucet but multiple finishes on the same faucet component.

Because of Watermark’s commitment to authentic craftsmanship, the designs can’t easily be replicated.


The bases are available in several inlay finishes to work with a wide range of styles: Polished Brass, Polished Gold, Polished Nickel and Polished Copper.

There are also several gorgeous design patterns available in the collection: a dimple pattern, a mermaid scale (or ogee) pattern and a subtle diamond pattern.


Guarantee Design Success

By working with a manufacturer like Watermark in your next design, you help guarantee your client a design that’s completely unique. Give your customers a style they won’t forget, and they’ll be sure to work with you in the future.

If you’re looking for project inspiration, check out our gallery here. Want to learn more about collaborating with Watermark on your next project? Contact us here.