January 19th, 2022

Dealer Spotlight: Monique's Bath Showroom

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Part of great design is the process of collaborating with partners. In today’s industry, the dealer often becomes an important partner in that complex process. That’s why we’re highlighting one of our favorite dealers: Monique’s Bath Showroom in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Michael Battista operates Monique’s and his family’s business has been serving Northeast designers and architects for 40 years. He sat down with us to talk about how Monique’s has grown over the last few decades.

A Legacy of Service

The Battista’s family has owned and operated Monique’s Bath Showroom for more than 20 years before Michael took over the business. “I had owned and operated a plumbing business for 23 years prior and had helped my father, Richard, run the business,” he says. “I realized Monique’s was a diamond in the rough and was very interested in helping it grow.”

That path toward growth certainly took some legwork, but Battista was eager to see the business succeed. He knew that changes were needed.

“When I took over, I listened to the staff and our customers and began implementing change. We redesigned our logo, our website and our showroom, in stages, while remaining open,” he remembers. “It was quite an undertaking, but over time, the showroom had become cluttered, dated and flowed poorly.”

Giving the family business a facelift had its challenges, but that kind of dedication pays off. “The renovation was a big success and has become a great resource for interior designers and architects. They either send or bring in their clients and spend a great deal of time in the showroom,” he says.

Setting New Standards for Sales

Michael Battista wanted to ensure that his family’s business would grow. He knew that to stay ahead of the competition, Monique’s would need something distinctive to set the showroom apart.

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“As an independent showroom, we are not beholden to any brand,” explains Battista. “Many showrooms feature one or two product lines. We pride ourselves on our mix of the very best manufacturers, Watermark being an important partner.”

The service that Monique’s sales team provides to customers also helps to set the business apart. “Our sales staff is really the best in the business,” he says. “They have unmatched product knowledge, design style, patience and wonderful relationships with our many repeat clients.”

Monique’s has helped to serve families across the northeast, and their products have been featured in design magazines for years. “We have provided products in some of the finest single-family homes in New England,” says Michael. “Homeowners typically turn to us to guide them through the myriad of product choices, style choices and finishes.”

The team at Monique’s works closely with their professional clients to provide support on residential projects. “Architects and designers typically need help with complete specifications, availability of product, Massachusetts product approvals and product support,” explains Battista.

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This renewed commitment to Monique customers has helped support hundreds of projects and the success of the business. “In less than two years, we doubled our sales volume, and since then, have nearly doubled it again,” says Battista.

Raising the Bar on Residential Design

Monique’s Bath Showroom has become known for the large collection of product lines that it carries.

“I tend to lean towards contemporary and transitional — from a style perspective — in my own life,” Battista remarks. “In the showroom, we trend the same way. But we have to offer other styles as our customers have various tastes.”

Monique’s line of products is extensive, but Battista and the sales team are careful with which brands they carry. “We do not carry every line out there. We carry only the best — and Watermark fits the bill,” he says.

There are a few other factors that play into the products that Monique’s carries. “Customer support factors into our decision to carry and push product lines,” Battista explains. “If my sales staff has a good working relationship with a manufacturer’s customer support staff, they are more likely to suggest that product line.”

It also helps when customers ask for specific products. “We’ve noticed that architects and designers are coming in asking for Watermark. This makes the sale easier to the end customer, typically the homeowner,” says Battista.

By offering high-quality and high-performing products to clients, Battista is able to carry out his vision for Monique’s Bath Showroom and his commitment to the customer’s success. “We don’t just say we offer great customer service, we provide it every day,” he explains.

Leaving a Legacy of Service

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It’s certainly been a challenging few years with the pandemic causing delays and shortages, but that doesn’t mean customer service can take a back seat. In fact, during difficult times, customer service should be prioritized — and that’s exactly what Monique’s Bath Showroom has done.

“I’m inspired to provide exceptional customer service to our clients because when you do, the customers come back and pass along the good experience to their co-workers, friends and family,” says Battista.

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