October 8th, 2021

Can Faucets Really Change the Look of a Kitchen?

Can Faucets Really Change the Look of a Kitchen 1

Remodeling and new construction projects are on the rise, and kitchen projects are especially popular. After all, the kitchen is a focal point in the home — often a spot for entertaining and family gatherings. And when you use the right faucet design, your kitchen can make a big impression on your guests.

Some kitchen faucet designs can enhance the entire look of a kitchen — if you know which products deliver the most impact.

“Today, the modern kitchen is where we prepare and enjoy meals — it has taken on the role of being a social venue,” writes Olivia Heath for House Beautiful, “and it's also an office, classroom, playroom, restaurant and much more.”

More of us are spending more time inside these days, not only because of a pandemic but also because our flexible work schedules allow many of us to work from home more often. Adjusting to this behavior is a challenge, but designers have an opportunity to create spaces that are more inviting and enjoyable, especially when they incorporate the right elements and finishes in that space.

The Perfect Pair

Can Faucets Really Change the Look of a Kitchen 2


Designer Sunny Barash adds a touch of shine to this standout sink design with a Paris Collection faucet from Watermark. The natural polished brass of the faucet helps to tie the design together, leveraging the simple elegance of the finishes found in the cabinetry. The shine of Watermark’s faucet balances the color palette in this kitchen for a perfect, polished look.

This kitchen gets a personality all its own with the standout sink. It’s a gorgeous alternative to a stainless steel basin and becomes the focal point of the space when paired with a bit of brass.

Smart Kitchen Design

Can Faucets Really Change the Look of a Kitchen 3


Many homeowners want a fresh, simple design in their kitchen space. But that doesn’t mean the design should skimp on modern convenience.

Touchless faucets are a must-have, especially if you want an easy-to-clean, accessible and future-focused design. “Cleanability is a key selling point here. There's a trend for handleless kitchens which offer smooth and streamlined surfaces that are easy to clean,” says Olivia Heath for House Beautiful.

Watermark offers several touchless faucet options that will enhance any kitchen design, whether you need a deck-mounted or wall-mounted configuration.

Completely Custom Design

Can Faucets Really Change the Look of a Kitchen 4


Alena Capra, interior designer and host of SoFlo Home Project, told Forbes that custom projects are here to stay. “Designers love customization. It allows us to give our clients a truly unique look to their home,” says Capra.

Designers who can deliver a one-of-a-kind look to their clients can make a name for themselves, and working with the right products is key to that success.

Architects with Davis Design and Development worked with Watermark products to create a completely distinctive kitchen design in this modern home. The gunmetal finish on these Watermark faucets adds contrast to the clean white of this kitchen design and the addition of a pot-filler faucet delivers convenience and eclectic detail to the space.

More About Functionality

Can Faucets Really Change the Look of a Kitchen 5


Functional design is always on trend. By adding details that give your kitchen design more function, you can ensure the success of the space will last even longer. A pot-filler faucet design like this one will make pasta nights more convenient, but these details also help a kitchen stand out.

After all: “The details are not the details. They make the design,” according to renowned American designer, Charles Eames.

The Impact of High-Quality Fixtures

Can Faucets Really Change the Look of a Kitchen 6


When your project calls for completely authentic design, it helps to work with products that deliver long-term solutions and style.

Brooklyn designer and architect Idan Naor was able to tour Watermark’s facility, where he got a sneak peek at the product manufacturing standards.

He was impressed. “Learning that Watermark fixtures were fabricated locally and had local customer support sealed the deal. I had to know that I could order replacement parts if needed,” explains Idan.

“Seeing the production process and meeting the team responsible for it gave me so much respect for what occurs behind the scenes to culminate in the finished products we continue to specify for our cherished projects,” he says.

The care and attention that goes into Watermark’s products helps to elevate the spaces they’re in — and that authenticity comes through in kitchen designs all across the world.

Faucet Style That Always Shines

Designers can create original kitchen designs that meet today’s building standards and client expectations when working with the right manufacturer.

For nearly four decades, Watermark Designs has offered architects and designers a wide array of kitchen hardware styles and even more opportunities for custom kitchen designs.

“Design can be a vehicle for functionality and pragmatism, but also for self-reflection and pause,” says Idan Naor. The products you work with do more than complete the look of a space — they can elevate an experience and even help homeowners create more meaningful moments in their homes.

From industrial-inspired handles to modern, streamlined styles, our team at Watermark Designs has a full menu of solutions to style a kitchen faucet that’s perfect for your space. Need ideas and inspiration for your next design? Our faucet configurator can help you visualize the perfect kitchen space.