Bring Luxury Home: 6 Ways to Incorporate Luxury Fixtures and Elevate Your Bathroom

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While a bathroom faucet can seem like a trivial decision within the scope of overall bathroom design, it has the power to bring a room together, create visual impact and look amazing for years to come.

Making the decision to invest in high-end bathroom fixtures means that you’re buying quality that will last for the life of your space and add a little something special to elevate the entire room.

At Watermark Designs, we pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship and attention to even the tiniest details. Our distinctive collections of luxury bathroom fixtures create a unique experience that remains in harmony with the overall bathroom design and aesthetic.

While there are a plethora of cheaper options available in the market, choosing high-end bathroom fixtures ensures that parts are individually machined and made of metal rather than mass produced on an assembly line and made of plastic. These mass-produced fixtures tend to be easily worn out and may not withstand years of use.

Faucets that have been thoughtfully designed and machined to perfection not only stand the test of time, but they also create an experience enhanced by their design.

Individual collections created by Watermark bring style and sustainability through our commitment to creating water-saving faucets that are friendly to the environment even as they complete your custom bathroom design. And our dedication to creating authentic, original designs sets Watermark apart as a leader in luxury bathroom fixtures.

High-End Bathroom Fixtures Design Ideas

Given the wide range of Watermark designs, there are endless options for incorporating high-end bathroom fixtures that will delight and inspire for years to come.

Be Bold With Brass

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Set against a custom sink and dark blue backsplash, this Blue 37 Collection brass faucet’s bold presence makes a visual statement even with all of the other design elements vying for attention while maintaining high standards of luxury. All of the bold choices come together perfectly to create a truly unique bathroom experience.

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Another example of a brass finish is set against a dark backsplash. The luxury bathroom fixtures featured in the Elements 21 Collection bring masculine energy to this bathroom that is softened with the inclusion of bright marble countertops.

Featuring 24 hand-created metal finishes, the Elements collection will allow you to customize the look of our bathroom simply by choosing a unique finish and handle covers on your luxury bathroom faucet.

Take It Back In Time



The unique designs created by Watermark allow you to create a classic room that calls to mind the elegance and detail of days long gone. The Paris 206 Collection evokes an old-world, 1920s feel that captures the timeless nature of Paris.



Faucets from the Brooklyn 31 Collection are inspired by gate valves common in the mid-century apartment block of Brooklyn. These faucets are high-end bathroom fixtures that bring an urban element to a modern bathroom.

Add Some Flair

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The sparkle of the Jem 97 Collection is pure opulence. Incorporated into your bathroom design, this luxury bathroom fixture will add unparalleled style and flair to wherever it’s installed.

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The distinctive faucets in the Lily 71 Collection are created using a painstaking process that includes double machining and double plating each design. Unrivaled in mass production, Lily will add a gossip-worthy design element to your bathroom.

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Talk about flair! This ornate faucet from the Venetian 180 Collection will have you feeling like you stepped into the palaces of the past each time you enter your bathroom. This stunning luxury bathroom fixture will transform your bathroom simply with its presence and timeless beauty.

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Inspired by classic romance, this La Fleur 201 Collection faucet takes its cues from classic French design. The ornate design is a touch of drama that brings lasting beauty as light dances on the walls with every turn of the handle.

Create a Spa Retreat

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The Zen 36 Collection will bring peace and tranquility to a calming bathroom design. With the inclusion of luxury bathroom fixtures, every day can be a spa day. The Zen 36 Collection features handles available in a choice of four stones, four rocks or a metal option. These faucets are free from traditional handles, creating a purely unique spa experience in your very own home.

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Another example from the Zen 36 Collection blends patent-pending, magnetic handles with bright countertops to create a seamless design that calms the mind and soothes the soul as you complete your daily routines.

For more ideas on how to bring the spa home, check out 6 Steps to a Perfect Home Spa Retreat.

Invite Nature In

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This Aqueduct spout featured in the Zen 36 Collection handles creates a soft flow of water that soothes the soul and revitalizes the spirit. Bringing nature into the bathroom increases relaxation and enjoyment.

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The earthy swirls of marble behind the industrial style faucet inspire both contrast and harmony. The subtle colors in the backsplash and matte finish of the Elan Vital 38 Collection faucet allows two, seemingly different, design aesthetics to blend into a perfectly luxurious bathroom.

Incorporate Industrial Elements

Elan Mono Lav Sink Vessel


From the Elan Vital 38 Collection, this stripped-down industrial design allows you to incorporate high-end fixtures to create an edgy look that completes designs ranging from farmhouse to modern. Inspired by hissing ball valves and plumber’s unions, this unique design element will create added interest to your bathroom.

No matter which design aesthetic you choose for your bathroom, incorporating high-end bathroom fixtures will ensure that you are getting the absolute best. Luxury products are thoughtfully designed and carefully constructed with attention to every detail.

Choosing luxury bathroom fixtures for your bathroom design is well worth the investment, and you will continually be pleased with your decision to invest in the best quality faucets. To design your own lavatory faucet, visit our configurator today.